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Selected Publications in Environmental Science

Current Number of publications listed in Environmental Science: 154

1. Tang, X., Price, D., Praske, E., Vu, D., Purvis-Roberts, K.L., Silva, P., Cocker III, D.R., and Asa-Awuku, A.. Submitted September 2013. CNN Activity of Aliphatic Amine Secondary Aerosol. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics : .
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3. Werner, C. and Purvis-Roberts, K.L.. Accepted June 2012. Cold War Memories and Post-Cold War Realities: Narratives of the State in the Everyday Life of Kazakhstan's Radiation Victims. in Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia : .
4. Caspi., T., Soto Villa, A.E., Hartz, L.E., Loesberg, J.A., Robins, C.R., and Meyer, W.M. 2019. Impacts of invasive annuals on soil carbon and nitrogen storage in southern California depend on the identity of the invader. Ecology and Evolution 9: 4980–4993. Abstract Article
5. Thomson, D.M.. 2019. Effects of long-term variation in pollinator abundance and diversity on reproduction of a generalist plant. Journal of Ecology 107: 491-502.
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7. Del Vecchio, J., Lang, K.A., Robins, C.R., McGuire, C., and Rhodes, E.J. 2018. Storage and weathering of landslide debris in the eastern San Gabriel Mountains, California, USA: implications for mountain solute flux. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 43 (13): 2724-2737. Abstract Article
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20. Robins, C.R., Deurlington, A., Buck, B.J., and Brock-Hon, A.L. 2015. Micromorphology and formation of pedogenic ooids in calcic soils and petrocalcic horizons. Geoderma 251-252: 10-23. Abstract Article
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24. Robins, C.R., Buck, B.J., and Williams, A.J. 2014. Establishing soil and surficial geologic habitat criteria for presumed gypsophiles - the example of Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii, Mojave Desert, U.S.A. Catena 118: 9-19. Abstract Article
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