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Meijer, M. D.; Kleij, A. W.; Williams, B. S.; Ellis, D.; Lutz, M.; Spek, A. L.; van Klink, G. P. M.; van Koten, G. 2002. Construction of Supported Organometallics Using Cycloplatinated Arylamine Ligands. Organometallics 21: 264-271. Full Article

The preparation of ortho-chelating aminoaryl ligands ([C6H3(CH2NMe2)-2-R-4]-, abbreviated as C,N) containing a pendant hydroxymethyl group is described. These ligands have been cycloplatinated with cis-PtCl2(DMSO)2, yielding the corresponding C,N-platinum(II) complexes. The pendant hydroxymethyl substituent is a versatile group for attachment of the organometallic moiety to macromolecules, which has been demonstrated by attaching the C,N-platinum complexes to a dendritic wedge and to C60.

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