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Jamieson, E. R.; Eppley, H. E.; Geselbracht, M. J.; Johnson, A. R. Reisner, B. A.; Smith, S. A.; Stewart, J. L. Watson, L. A.; Williams, B. S. 2011. Inorganic Chemistry and IONiC: An Online Community Bringing Cutting-Edge Research into the Classroom. Inorg. Chem. 50: 5849-5854. Full Article

This Viewpoint highlights creative ways that members of the Interactive Online Network of Inorganic Chemists (IONiC) are using journal articles from Inorganic Chemistry to engage undergraduate students in the classroom. We provide information about specific educational materials and networking features available free of charge to the inorganic community on IONiC’s web home, the Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource (VIPEr, www.ionicviper.org) and describe the benefits of joining this community.

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