Mary Hatcher-Skeers
Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Chair in Natural Sciences
Professor of Chemistry
Office: Keck Science Center 104C
Phone: 909-607-1586
Office Hours: Tuesdays 8:15-9:15 am and Thursdays 12-1pm
Web Site:
Educational Background:
Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Minor in English Literature
University of California at San Diego, San Diego CA

Master of Science in Chemistry
San Francisco State University, San Francisco CA
Thesis: "Dioxygen Diffusion in the Stratum Corneum"

Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Chemistry
University of Washington, Seattle WA
Dissertation: "A Solid-State Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Local Dynamics of Nucleotides in the EcoRI Restriction Endonuclease Binding Site"

NIH Postdoctoral Associate,
Brandeis University, Waltham MA & Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Courses Taught:
Chem 14 & 15: Basic Principles of Chemistry I & II
Chem 29: Accelerated General Chemistry
IBC 40: Introductory Biological Chemistry Chem 122: Physical Chemistry II - Quantum Mechanics
Chem 126/127: Advanced Laboratory
Chem 172: NMR Spectroscopy
Chem 177: Biochemistry
Core I: Culture, Knowledge and Representation
Research Interests:
Dynamics of protein-DNA interactions
Solid-state and Solution NMR spectroscopy
Effects of DNA Methylation
Thesis Topics:
NMR studies of nucleoside dynamics
FTIR studies of dynamics in methylated DNA
High Resolution NMR of DNA Binding Sites
Solid-state deuterium NMR of DNA
Effects of cobalt complexes on genetic transformations
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
1.   Khan, T.R.; Jordan, B.; Levitan, R.; Mitchell, P.S.; Wood, C.; Hatcher, M.E. . (2009). An FTIR Investigation of Flanking Sequence Effects on the Structure and Flexibility of DNA Binding Sites. Biochemistry   48: 1315-1321.
2.   Tian, Y., Kayatta, M., Shultis, K., Gonzalez, A., Mueller, L.J., and Hatcher, M.E. . (2009). 31P NMR Investigation of Backbone Dynamics in DNA Binding Sites. The Journal of Physical Chemistry, B   113: 2596-2603.
3.   Leskowitz, G.M.; Ghaderi, N.; Olsen, R.A.; Pederson, K.; Hatcher, M.E.; Mueller, L.J. . (2004). The Amide Rotational Barriers in Isonicotinamide: NMR and Ab Initio Studies. Journal of Physical Chemistry   109: 1152-1158.
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12.   Hatcher, M.E., Mattiello, D.L., Meints, G. A., Orban, J.O., and Drobny, G.P. . (1998). A Solid-State Deuterium NMR Study of the Localized Dynamics at the C9pG10 Step in the DNA Dodecamer [d(CGCGAATTCGCG)]2. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.   120: 9850-9862. Abstract Article
13.   Rienstra, C.M., Hatcher, M.E., Mueller, L.J., Sun, B.Q., Herzfeld, J., and Griffin, R.G. . (1998). Efficient Multispin Homonuclear Double Quantum Recoupling for Magic-Angle Spinning NMR: 13C-13C Correlation Spectroscopy of u-13C-Erythromycin A. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.   120: 10602-10612. Abstract Article
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