Donald A. McFarlane
Professor of Environmental Science
Professor of Biology
Office: Keck Science Center 43
Phone: 909-607-2564
Office Hours:
Web Site:
Educational Background:
BSC. (Honours) Zoology; University of Liverpool, 1977. MSc. Zoology. Queen's University of Belfast, 1982. PhD. Ecology. University of Southern California, 1987.
Courses Taught:
Ecology and Evolution.
Research Interests:
The ecology of extinction. Late Quaternary paleobiology and paleoecology. Ecology of cave ecosystems. Ecology of bats. Evolutionary biogeography of tropical islands. Mammalogy. Cave paleontology.
Thesis Topics:
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Studies in evolution of islands, cave biology
Late Quaternary paleontology of mammals; recent mammalian extinctions
Island biogeographic analyses
Late Quaternary climate and sea-level change.
Cave science, including microclimate modelling.
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