Thomas Davis
Lab Lecturer of Chemistry
Office: Keck Science Center 104A
Phone: 909-607-0714
Office Hours:
Web Site:
Educational Background:
B.A. Math/Chem Willamette University
M.S. Biophysical Chemistry Cornell University
Courses Taught:
Chem 14/15 Lab
Chem 116 lab
Chem 127 (Adv Lab)
Chem 70 (Chemistry and the Environment)
Chem 14 Lecture
Research Interests:
MC & MD computer simulations
Development of "greener" experiments
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
1.   Thomas Davis and Andrew Zanella . (2008). Current Protocols Essential Laboratory Techniques: Unit 1.1 Volume Measurement. Sean R. Gallagher & Emily A. Wiley (eds.) John Wiley & Sons, Inc. : .
2.   John E. Hunter III, William P. Reinhardt, Thomas F. Davis . (1991). A finite time variational method for determining optimal paths and obtaining bounds on free energy changes from computer simulations. Journal of Chemical Physics   99: 6856.
3.   Randall B. Shirts, Thomas F. Davis . (1984). Classical Resonance Analysis in Conservative Models of Infrared Absorption. Journal of Physical Chemistry   88: 4665.