Anna G. Wenzel
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office: Keck Science Center 213
Phone: 909-607-0912
Office Hours:
Web Site:
Educational Background:
(2003-2006) NIH Postdoctoral Scholar; Caltech, Pasadena, CA
(1998-2003) Ph.D., M.A.; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
(1994-1998) B.S.; University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA
Courses Taught:
Chem81L (Science and Business of Medicinal Chemistry lecture/laboratory), Chem116L (1st-semster organic chemistry lecutre/laboratory), Chem117L (2nd-semester organic chemistry lecture/laboratory), Chem123 (Advanced Organic Chemistry), Chem127 (Advanced Analytical Laboratory), Chem177 (Biochemistry)
Research Interests:
Asymmetric Catalysis, Organometallic Chemistry, and Organic Synthesis
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
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