Emil Morhardt
Roberts Professor of Environmental Biology
Professor of Biology
Email: emorhardt@kecksci.claremont.edu
Office Hours: Emeritus
Web Site:
Educational Background:
B. A. Pomona College, Zoology,
Ph. D. Rice University, Physiology, Ecology
Courses Taught:
Natural Resources Management
Advanced Topics in Environmental Biology
Freshman Humanities Seminar
Research Interests:
Corporate environmental and sustainability reporting
Wildland fire recovery
Field guides to California wildflowers
Thesis Topics:
Biology of Fisheries Science
Population/habitat management models for Southern California steelhead or Eastern Sierra brown trout (computer modeling)
Development of antenna configurations for reading Passive Integrated Transponders in streams ( practical electronics)
Use of bootstrap in Monte-Carlo techniques to establish confidence intervals on instream flow decision tools ( applies statistics and programming)
Habitat modeling from closely-spaced transects in streams ( field measurements, hydraulic modeling)
Economics and policy related to biology
The economic consequences of listing Southern California steelhead as endangered
A decision model for policies associated with listing Southern California Steelhead as endangered.
Environmental Management
Application of the ISO 14000 environmental management standard to a small manufacturer
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
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