Sarah Gilman
Associate Professor of Biology
Office: Keck Science Center 13
Phone: 909-607-0715
Office Hours: book online:
Web Site:
Educational Background:
B.S. Stanford University
Ph.D. University of California, Davis
Courses Taught:
Bio 064L The Living Sea
Bio 169L Marine Ecology
Bio 44L Introductory Biology
Bio 147 Biogeography
Biol 175 Applied Biostatistics
FHS 10 CM Contesting Science
FYS PZ Science in the Public Imagination
Research Interests:
Marine Ecology
Climate Change Ecology
Thesis Topics:
Students in my lab work on ecological questions involving coastal marine invertebrates. Past/current projects include:
  • The preference of predatory snails for native and nonnative oysters in Newport Bay
  • The effect of temperature on the metabolic rates of intertidal animals
  • The effects of air and water temperature on the feeding rates of predatory snails
  • Using sound to monitor the feeding behavior of predatory snails
  • The growth and survival of intertidal barnacles under warm and cool temperatures
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
1.   Helmuth, B., Broitman, B., Yamane, L., Gilman, S.E., Mach, K., Mislan, K.A.S, and M.W. Denny . (2010). Organismal climatology: analyzing environmental variability at scales relevant to physiological stress. Journal of Experimental Biology   213: 995-1003.
2.   Gilman, S.E., M. Urban, J. Tewksbury, G.W. Gilchrist, and R.D. Holt . (2010). A framework for community interactions under climate change. Trends in Ecology and Evolution   25: 325-331. Article
3.   Yamane, L and S.E. Gilman. . (2009). Opposite responses by an intertidal predator to increasing aquatic and aerial temperatures. Marine Ecology Progress Series   393: 27-36. Article