Andrew W. Zanella
Professor of Chemistry
Office Hours: Emeritus
Web Site:
Educational Background:
A.B., Chemistry, Cornell Univ., 1965. Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Stanford Univ., 1970.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Australian Nat. Univ., 1970-72. Teaching Postdoc. Fellow, UC Santa Barbara, 1970-75.
Courses Taught:
Current courses Fall 2005: Discovery, Innovation & Risk (Biol/Chem 69), Advanced Chemistry Lab (Chem 126)
Spring 2006: General Chemistry (Chem 15), Accelerated Gen Chem Lab (Chem 29), Inorganic Synthesis Lab (Chem 130)
Research Interests:
Transition metal complexes: nitrile hydration; proton exchange on complexed nitriles; electron transfer reactions.

Thesis Topics:
Transition metal complexes: nitrile hydration, proton exchange on complexed nitriles, restricted rotation involving coordinated amides.
Environmental chemistry: heavy metal pollutants in urban areas
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
1.   Lim, M. D.; Lorkovic, I. M.; Wedeking, K.; Zanella, A. W..; Works, C. F.; Massick, S. M.; Ford, P. C . (2002). Reactions of Nitrogen Oxides with Heme Models. Characterization of NO and NO2 Dissociation from Fe(TPP)(NO2)(NO) by Flash Photolysis and Rapid Dilution Techniques: Fe(TPP)(NO2) as an Unstable Intermediate. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.   124(33): 9737-9743. Abstract Article
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