Bethany G. Caulkins
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office: Keck Science Center 214
Phone: 909-607-9135
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1.   Sakhrani, V. V.; Hilario, E.; Caulkins, B.G.; Hatcher-Skeers, M. E.; Fan, L.; Dunn, M. F.; Mueller, L. J . (2020). Backbone Assignments and Conformational Dynamics in the S. typhimurium Tryptophan Synthase α-Subunit from Solution-State NMR. Journal of Biomolecular NMR  Springer Nature BV 74: 341-354. Abstract Article
2.   Long, J; Caulkins, B. G.; Mentink-Vigier, F.; Riviere, G.; Mueller, L. J.; Wang, X . (2019). Direct Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 15N and 13C Spins at 14.1 T Using a Trityl Radical and Magic Angle Spinning. Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  Academic Press 100: 85-91. Abstract Article
3.   Perez, L.; Caulkins, B. G.; Mettry, M.; Mueller, L. J.; Hooley, R. J . (2018). Lipid Bilayer Environments Control Guest Exchange Kinetics of Deep Cavitand Hosts and Enhance Disfavored Guest Conformations. Chemical Science  Royal Society of Chemistry 9: 1836-1845. Abstract Article
4.   Caulkins, B. G.; Cervantes, S. A.; Isas, J. M.; Siemer, A. B . (2018). Dynamics of the Proline-Rich C-Terminus of Huntingtin Exon-1 Fibrils. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B  American Chemical Society 122: 9507-9515. Abstract Article
5.   Perez, L.; Mettry, M.; Hinman, S. S.; Byers, S. R.; McKeating, K. S.; Caulkins, B. G.; Cheng, Q.; Hooley, R. J . (2017). Selective Protein Recognition in Supported Lipid Bilayer Arrays by Tailored, Dual-Mode Deep Cavitand Hosts. Soft Matter   13: 3966-3974. Abstract Article
6.   Young, R. P.; Caulkins, B. G.; Borchardt D.; Bulloch, D. N.; Larive, C. K.; Dunn, M. F.; Mueller, L. J . (2016). Solution-State 17O Quadrupole Central Transition NMR Spectroscopy in the Enzyme Active Site of Tryptophan Synthase. Angewandte Chemie International Edition   55: 1350-1354. Abstract Article
7.   Hilario, E.; Caulkins, B. G.; Huang, Y. M.; You, W.; Chang, C. A.; Mueller, L. J.; Dunn, M. F.; Fan, L . (2016). Visualizing the Tunnel in Tryptophan Synthase with Crystallography: Insights into a Selective Filter for Accommodating Indole and Rejecting Water. BBA - Proteins and Proteomics  Elsevier 1864: 268-279. Abstract Article
8.   Caulkins, B. G.; Young, R. P.; Kudla, R. A.; Yang, C.; Bittbauer, T. J.; Bastin, B.; Marsella, M. J.; Dunn, M. F.; Mueller, L. J . (2016). NMR Crystallography of a Carbanionic Intermediate in Tryptophan Synthase: Chemical Structure, Tautomerization, and Reaction Specificity. Journal of the American Chemical Society  American Chemical Society 138: 15214-15226. Abstract Article
9.   Huang, Y. M.; You, W.; Caulkins, B. G.; Dunn, M. F.; Mueller, L. J.; Chang, C. A . (2016). Protonation States and Catalysis: Molecular Dynamics Studies of Intermediates in Tryptophan Synthase. Protein Science   25: 166-183. Abstract Article
10.   Caulkins, B. G; Yang, C.; Hilario, E.; Fan, L.; Dunn, M. F.; Mueller, L. J . (2015). Catalytic Roles of βLys87 in Tryptophan Synthase: 15N Solid State NMR Studies. BBA - Proteins and Proteomics  Elsevier 1854: 1194-1199. Abstract Article
11.   Hartman, J. D; Neubauer, T. J.; Caulkins, B. G.; Mueller, L. J.; Beran, G. J. O . (2015). Converging Nuclear Magnetic Shielding Calculations with Respect to Basis and System Size in Protein Systems. Journal of Biomolecular NMR  Springer Netherlands 62: 327-340. Abstract Article
12.   Caulkins, B. G.; Bastin, B.; Yang, C.; Neubauer, T. J.; Young, R. P.; Hilario, E.; Huang, Y. M.; Chang, C. A.; Fan, L.; Dunn, M. F.; Marsella, M. J.; Mueller, L. J . (2014). Protonation States of the Tryptophan Synthase Internal Aldimine Active Site from Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy: Direct Observation of the Protonated Schiff Base Linkage to Pyridoxal-5′-Phosphate. Journal of the American Chemical Society  American Chemical Society 136: 12824-12827. Abstract Article