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1.   . (2019). Geometric Analysis of a Generalized Wythoff Game. Games of No Chance 5, MSRI Publications vol. 70, Cambridge University Press (with Eric Friedman, Scott Garrabrant, Ilona Phipps-Morgan, and Urban Larsson)  : .

2.   . (2018). Duality and Nonlinear Graph Laplacians.. Theoretical Computer Science (with E. Friedman). Available online 28 Dec. 2017;  : .

3.   . (2015). Edge Correlations in Spatial Networks. Journal of Complex Networks   doi: 10.1093/comnet/cnv015: (with E.Friedman,J.Owen,W.Hsieh,L.Kam,P.Mukherjee).

4.   . (2015). Directed Network Motifs in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. PLoS One   DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124453 : with E.Friedman,K.Young,G.Tremper,J.Liang,N.Schuff.

5.   . (2014). Directed Progression Brain Networks in Alzheimer's Disease: Properties and Classification. Brain Connectivity   4(5), 384-393: EFriedman,KYoung,DAsif,IJutla,MLiangSWilsonNSchuff.

6.   . (2014). Stochastic Geometric Network Models for Groups of Functional and Structural Connectomes. NeuroImage   101: (with E. Friedman, J. Owen, Y. Li, P. Mukherjee).

7.   . (2013). Hierarchical networks, power laws, and neuronal avalanches. CHAOS   23 (1): 013135 (with E.J. Friedman). Article

8.   . (2013). Cofinite Induced Subgraphs of Impartial Combinatorial Games: An Analysis of CIS-Nim.. INTEGERS   13: (with Scott M. Garrabrant, Eric J. Friedman). Article

9.   . (2011). Combinatorial games with a pass: A dynamical systems approach. CHAOS   043108: (with Rebecca E. Morrison, Eric J. Friedman). Abstract Article

10.   E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg . (2009). On the Geometry of Combinatorial Games: a Renormalization Approach. (MSRI series) R. Nowakowski, ed. Cambridge University Press : . Article

11.   M. Furi, A.S. Landsberg AS, and M. Martelli . (2009). On the Longitudinal Librations of Hyperion. Journal of Fixed Point Theory and its Applications   : 1661-7738. Article

12.   Eric J. Friedman and Adam S. Landsberg . (2009). Construction and Analysis of Random Networks with Explosive Percolation.. Physical Review Letters   103: 255701. Article

13.   E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg . (2007). Nonlinear dynamics in combinatorial games: Renormalizing Chomp.. Chaos   17: 023117. Article

14.   E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg . (2007). Scaling, Renormalization, and Universality in Combinatorial Games. in Combinatorial Optimization and Applications A. Dress et al., eds., Springer-Verlag  : .

15.   M. Furi, A.S. Landsberg AS, and M. Martelli . (2005). On the chaotic behavior of the satellite hyperion. J. of Difference Eqns. and Applications   11 (7): 635-643. Article

16.   R. Gann*, J. Venable*, E.J. Friedman, and A.S. Landsberg . (2004). The Behavior of Coupled Automata. Physical Review E   69: 046116. Abstract Article

17.   E.J. Friedman, S. Johnson and A.S. Landsberg . (2003). The Emergence of Temporal Correlations in a Study of Global Economic Interdependence. Quantitative Finance   3: 296. Abstract Article

18.   M. Crescimanno and A.S. Landsberg . (2001). Spectral Equivalence of Bosons and Fermions in One-Dimensional Harmonic Potentials. Physical Review A   64: 035601. Abstract Article

19.   E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg . (2001). Large-Scale Synchrony in Weakly Interacting Automata. Physical Review E   63: 051303. Abstract Article

20.   A. Roomets* and A.S. Landsberg . (2001). Neutral Stability in Josephson Junction Arrays with Arbitrary Lattice Geometry. Physics Letters A   283(5-6): 355-359. Abstract Article

21.   A.S. Landsberg . (2000). Disorder-induced Desynchronization in a 2x2 Circular Josephson Junction Array. Physical Review B   61(5): 3641-3648. Abstract Article

22.   E. Knobloch, A.S. Landsberg, and J. Moehlis . (1999). Chaotic Direction-Reversing Waves. Physics Letters A   255(4-6): 287-293. Abstract Article

23.   K. Wiesenfeld, A.S. Landsberg, and G. Fillatrella . (1997). Linewidth Calculation for Bare 2-D Josephson Junction Arrays with Disorder. Physics Letters A   233: 373. Abstract Article

24.   E. Knobloch and A.S. Landsberg . (1996). A New Model of the Solar Cycle. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society   278: 294.

25.   E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg . (1996). Long Run Dynamics of Queues: Stability and Chaos. Operations Research Letters   18(4): 185. Abstract

26.   A.S. Landsberg and E.J. Friedman . (1996). Dynamical Effects of Partial Orderings in Physical Systems. Physical Review E   54(4): 3135. Abstract Article

27.   A.S. Landsberg and E. Knobloch . (1996). Oscillatory Bifurcation with Broken Translation Symmetry. Physical Review E   53(4): 3579. Abstract Article

28.   A.S. Landsberg and E. Knobloch . (1996). Oscillatory Doubly Diffusive Convection in a Finite Container. Physical Review E   53: 3601. Abstract Article

29.   A.S. Landsberg, Y.Braiman, and K. Wiesenfeld . (1995). Disorder and Synchronization in a Josephson Junction Plaquette. Applied Physics Letters   67(13): 1935. Abstract Article

30.   A.S. Landsberg, Y. Braiman, and K. Wiesenfeld . (1995). Effect of Disorder on Synchronization in Prototype 2-D Josephson Arrays. Physical Review B   52(21): 15458. Abstract Article

31.   *A.S. Landsberg . (1993). Spatial Symmetries and Geometrical Phases in Classical Dissipative Systems. Modern Physics Letters B   7(2): 71. *(invited article).

32.   E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg . (1993). Short Run Dynamics of Multi-Class Queues. Operations Research Letters   14: 221. Abstract

33.   A.S. Landsberg and E. Knobloch . (1993). New Types of Waves in Systems with O(2) Symmetry. Physics Letters A   179: 316. Abstract

34.   A.S. Landsberg . (1992). Geometrical Phases and Symmetries in Dissipative Systems. Physical Review Letters   69(6): 865. Abstract Article

35.   A.S. Landsberg and E. Knobloch . (1991). Direction-Reversing Traveling Waves. Physics Letters A   159: 17. Abstract

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