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1.   Lundberg, J. and McFarlane, D. A. . (2008). Kents Cavern. A field guide to the natural history..  William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust. Buckfastleigh. : 44p..

2.   Wurster C. M., Patterson W.P., McFarlane D.A., Wassenaar L. I., Hobson K.A., Athfield N. B., and Bird M. I. . (2008). Stable carbon and hydrogen isotopes from bat guano in the Grand Canyon, USA, reveal Younger Dryas and 8.2 ka events.. Geology 36:683-686.   36: 683-686.

3.   Christenson K. and McFarlane D. A. . (2007). An ecologically significant range extension for Hahn’s Short-tailed fruit bat, (Carollia subrufa) from southwestern Costa . Chiroptera Neotropical   13(2): 319-321.

4.   Wurster, C. M., McFarlane, D. A., and Bird, M. I. . (2007). Spatial and temporal expression of vegetation and atmospheric variability from stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of bat guano in the southern United States.. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta   71: 3302-3310. Abstract

5.   Lundberg, J. and McFarlane, D.A. . (2007). Speleogenesis of the Mt. Elgon ‘Elephant’ Caves, Kenya.. Geological Society of America Special Paper 404 Harmon, R.S. and Wicks, C.  : 51-63. Abstract

6.   Lundberg, J. and McFarlane, D.A. . (2007). Pleistocene depositional history in a periglacial terrane: A 500ka record from Kents Cavern, Devon, United Kingdom.. Geosphere   3: 199-219. Abstract

7.   Lundberg, J. and McFarlane, D.A. . (2006). A minimum age for canyon incision and for the extinct Molossid bat, Tadarida constantinei, from Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico.. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies   68(3): 155-177.

8.   McFarlane D. A. and Blake, J. . (2005). The Late Pleistocene Hutias (Geocapromys brownii) of Red Hills Fissure, Jamaica.. Geological Journal   40: 399-404. Abstract

9.   McFarlane D. A. and Lundberg, J. . (2005). The 19th Century excavation of Kent’s Cavern, England.. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies   67(1): 39-47. Abstract

10.   McFarlane, D. A. . (2004). Guano. Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science (J. Gunn, ed.) Fitzroy Dearborn, New York : 409-410.

11.   McFarlane, D. A., Lundberg, J. . (2004). An unusual lava cave from Ol Doinyo lengai, Tanzania.. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies   66(3): 98-101. Abstract

12.   McFarlane, D. A. and Lundberg . (2004). Reliquiae Diluviane Alter: Last Interglacial flood deposits in caves of the West Indies. Studies of Cave Sediments  Kluwer/Plenum Press, New York : 313-322.

13.   McFarlane D. A., Lundberg J. . (2002). A middle Pleistocene age and biogeography for the extinct rodent Megalomys curazensis from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Caribbean Journal of Science   38: 278-281. Article

14.   Rega, E., McFarlane, D. A., Lundberg, J. and Christenson, K . (2002). A new Megalonychid sloth from the Late Wisconsinan of the Dominican Republic.. Caribbean Journal of Science   38: 11-19. Article

15.   McFarlane D. A., Lundberg J., and Fincham A. G . (2002). A late Quaternary paleoecological record from caves of southern Jamaica, West Indies. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies   64(2): 117-125. Abstract Article

16.   McFarlane D. A. and Debrot, A. . (2001). An extinct Oryzomyine rodent from the Quaternary of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. Caribbean Journal of Science   37: 182-184. Article

17.   Nieves-Rivera, A. and McFarlane D. A. . (2001). In search of the extinct hutia in cave deposits of Isla de Mona. National Speleological Society News   59(4): 92-95.

18.   Lugo A. E. et al . (2001). Puerto Rican Karst – A Vital Resource. United States Dept. of Agriculture. Forest Service. Technical Report   WO-65: 107. Article

19.   McFarlane D.A., Vale A., Christenson K., Lundberg J., Atilles G., and Lauritzen S.E. . (2000). New specimens of Late Quaternary extinct mammals from caves in Sanchez Ramirez Province, Dominican Republic. Caribbean Journal of Science   36: 163-166. Article

20.   McFarlane, D. A., J. Lundberg, and D. C. Ford . (2000). The age of the Woolly Rhino from Dream Cave, Derbyshire, UK. Cave and Karst Science   37(1): 25-28.

21.   McFarlane, D.A. . (1999). A note on sexual dimorphism in Nesophontes edithae (Mammalia: Insectivora), an extinct island-shrew from Puerto Rico. Caribbean Journal of Science   35: 142-143. Article

22.   McFarlane D. A. . (1999). Late Quaternary Fossil Mammals and Last Occurrence dates from Caves at Barahona, Puerto Rico. Caribbean Journal of Science   35: 238-248. Article

23.   McFarlane D.A. . (1999). A comparison of methods for the probabilistic determination of vertebrate extinction chronologies. Extinctions in Near Time: Causes, Contexts, and Consequences (R. D. E. MacPhee, ed.) Plenum Press, New York : 95-106.

24.   McFarlane D. A., Lundberg J., Flemming, C. E., MacPhee R.D.E., and Lauritzen S.E. . (1998). A second Pre-Wisconsinan locality for the extinct Jamaican rodent, Clidomys (Rodentia: Heptaxodontidae). Caribbean Journal of Science   34: 315-317. Article

25.   Flemming C. and McFarlane D. A. . (1998). New Caribbean locality for the extinct Great White Shark Carcharodon. Caribbean Journal of Science   34: 315-317. Article

26.   McFarlane, D. A. and Ford, D. C. . (1998). The age of the Kirkdale Cave palaeofauna. Cave and Karst Science   25(1): 3-6.

27.   Panuska, B. C., Mylroie, J. M., Armentrout, D. and McFarlane, D. A. . (1998). Magnetostratigraphy of Cueva Aleman, Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico and the species duration of Audubon’s Shearwater. Journal of Cave and Karst Studies   60(2): 96-100. Abstract Article

28.   Flemming, C. MacPhee, R. D. E., and McFarlane, D. A. . (1998). Thrice bitten: Late Quaternary mammal extinctions in the continental and insular New World. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology   18(3;suppl):21A (abstract): .

29.   McFarlane D. A., MacPhee R.D.E., and Ford D. . (1998). Body size variability and a Sangamonian extinction model for Amblyrhiza, a West Indian megafaunal rodent. Quaternary Research   50: 80-89.

30.   McFarlane, D. A. . (1997). Jamaican cave vertebrates. Jamaica Underground. The caves, sinkholes and underground rivers of the island (Fincham, A. G., ed.) The Press, University of the West Indies : 57-62.

31.   McFarlane D.A., Keeler R.C., and Mizutani H. . (1995). Ammonia volatization in a Mexican bat cave ecosystem. Biogeochemistry   30: 1-8.

32.   Nieves-Rivera A.M., Mylroie J.E., and McFarlane D.A. . (1995). Bones of Puffinus Lherminieri Lesson (Aves: Procellaridae) and two other vertebrates from Cueva del Agua, Mona Island, Puerto Rico (West Indies) . Nat. Speleol. Soc. Bull.   57: 99-102.

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44.   McFarlane D.A. . (1989). Histoplasmosis and the proposed development of The Fountain, Anguilla, British West Indies. In. A Study of Fountain National Park and Fountain Cavern, Anguilla, British West Indies  National Speleological Foundation, Closter, NJ : 21-22.

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48.   MacPhee R.D.E., Ford D., and McFarlane D.A. . (1989). Pre-Wisconsinan mammals from Jamaica and models of late Quaternary extinction in the Greater Antillles. Quaternary Research   31: 94-106.

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66.   DeNault L.K. and McFarlane D.A. . (1195). Altruistic blood sharing between male vampire bats, Desmodus rotundus. Animal Behaviour   49: 855-856. Article

67.   McFarlane D.A. . (). Liverpool University expedition to Jamaica. Transactions of the British Cave Research Association   7(3): 150-168.

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