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1.   Grill, L.K., Palmer, K.P. and Pogue, G.P . (2005). Use of Plant Viruses for Production of Plant-Derived Vaccines. Critical Reviews in Plant Science   24: 309-323.

2.   Grill, L.K. . (2004). Production of Pharmaceutical Proteins Using Viral Vectors. Handbook of Plant Biotechnology (Paul Christou, Harry Klee, eds.) John Wiley & Sons, Ltd Chpt 40: .

3.   Grill, L.K., Lindbo, J., Pogue, G.P., and Turpen, T.H . (2002). Viral vector expression of foreign proteins in plants. Plants as Factories for Protein Production (E.E. Hood, J.A. Howard, eds.) Kluwer Academic Publishers : 3-16.

4.   McCormick, A.A., Kumagai, M.H., Hanley, K., Turpen, T.H., Hakim, I., Grill, L.K., Tusť, D., Levy, S., and Levy, R . (1999). Rapid Production of Specific Vaccines for Lymphoma by Expression of the Tumor-derived single-chain Fv Epitopes in Tobacco Plantsr. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA   96: 703-708.

5.   della-Cioppa, G and Grill, L.K . (1996). Production of Novel Compounds in Higher Plants by Transfection with RNA Viral Vectors. Engineering Plants for Commercial Products and Applications (G.B. Collins, R.J. Shepherd, eds.) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 792: 57-61.

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