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1.   PT Chang, K Rao, LO Longo, ES Lawton, G Scherer, EB Van Arnam . (2020). Thiopeptide defense by an ant's bacterial symbiont. Journal of Natural Products   83: 725-729. Article

2.   EB Van Arnam, CR Currie, J Clardy . (2018). Defense contracts: molecular protection in insect-microbe symbioses. Chemical Society Reviews   47: 1638-1651. Article

3.   EB Van Arnam, AC Ruzzini, CS Sit, H Horn, AA Pinto-Tomás, CR Currie, J Clardy . (2016). Selvamicin, an atypical antifungal polyene from two alternative genomic contexts. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences   113: 12490-12945. Article

4.   EB Van Arnam, AC Ruzzini, CS Sit, CR Currie, J Clardy . (2015). A rebeccamycin analog provides plasmid-encoded niche defense. Journal of the American Chemical Society   137: 14272-14274. Article

5.   CS Sit, AC Ruzzini, EB Van Arnam, TR Ramadhar, CR Currie, J Clardy . (2015). Variable genetic architectures produce virtually identical molecules in bacterial symbionts of fungus-growing ants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences   112: 13150-13154. Article

6.   DA Dougherty, EB Van Arnam . (2014). In Vivo Incorporation of Non‐canonical Amino Acids by Using the Chemical Aminoacylation Strategy: A Broadly Applicable Mechanistic Tool. ChemBioChem   15: 1710-1720. Article

7.   EB Van Arnam, DA Dougherty . (2014). Functional Probes of Drug–Receptor Interactions Implicated by Structural Studies: Cys-Loop Receptors Provide a Fertile Testing Ground. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry   57: 6289-6300. Article

8.   AP Blum, EB Van Arnam, LA German, HA Lester, DA Dougherty . (2013). Binding interactions with the complementary subunit of nicotinic receptors. Journal of Biological Chemistry   288: 6991-6997. Article

9.   EB Van Arnam, EE Blythe, HA Lester, DA Dougherty . (2013). An unusual pattern of ligand-receptor interactions for the α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, with implications for the binding of varenicline. Molecular Pharmacology   84: 201-207. Article

10.   EB Van Arnam, HA Lester, DA Dougherty . (2011). Dissecting the functions of conserved prolines within transmembrane helices of the D2 dopamine receptor. ACS Chemical Biology   6: 1063-1068. Article

11.   PW Baures, AW Caldwell, CR Cashman, MT Masse, EB Van Arnam, RR Conry . (2006). The influence by substituents on the intermolecular hydrogen-bonding interactions in imidazole-4, 5-dicarboxylic acid derivatives. Crystal Growth & Design   6: 2047-2052. Article

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