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1.   Lim, M. D.; Lorkovic, I. M.; Wedeking, K.; Zanella, A. W..; Works, C. F.; Massick, S. M.; Ford, P. C . (2002). Reactions of Nitrogen Oxides with Heme Models. Characterization of NO and NO2 Dissociation from Fe(TPP)(NO2)(NO) by Flash Photolysis and Rapid Dilution Techniques: Fe(TPP)(NO2) as an Unstable Intermediate. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.   124(33): 9737-9743. Abstract Article

2.   Pinnell, R. P.; Ballew, N. L.; Batchelder, A. M.; Bleha, J. L.; Swatik, S. A; Zanella, A. W . (2000). Synthesis and Reactions of Organo-cyanoborane Complexes of Pentaamminecobalt(III). Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic and Metallo-organic Chemistry   30(10): 1917-1927.

3.   Lawrence, B. A.; Zanella, A. W . (1996). A Simple Method for Producing a Mixture of Gaseous HCl and DCl for Measuring Their Vibrational-Rotational Spectra. J. Chem. Educ.   73: 367. Abstract

4.   N.H. Copp and A.W. Zanella . (1992). . Discovery, Innovation, and Risk: Case Studies in Science and Technology  M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, MA : 425p.

5.   Mizutani, A.; Ifune, E.; Zanella, A.; Eriksen, C . (1991). Uptake of Lead, Cadmium and Zinc by the Fairy Shrimp, Branchinecta longiantenna (Crustacea: Anostraca). Hydrobiologica (D. Belk, H. Dumont, N. Munuswamy eds.) Studies on Large Brachiopod Biology and Aquaculture 212: 145-149.

6.   Copp, N. H.; Zanella, A. W. . (1990). The Electrification of Los Angeles: Engineering, Science, and History. Monograph Series of the New Liberal Arts Program  State Univ. of New York: Stony Brook : .

7.   Copp,N. H.; Zanella, A. W . (1988). Wind Turbines: A Design Project. New Liberal Arts News   5(6): 13-17.

8.   Eriksen, C. E.; Zanella, A. W.; Nys, M. H. . (1988). A Hypothesis to Explain the Colloidal Differences Between the Upper and Lower Inyo Crater Lakes. Verh. Internat. Verein Limnol   23: 116-120.

9.   Copp, N. H.; Zanella, A. W . . (1987). BiologicalEffects of Ionizing Radiation: An Introduction to Models and Estimation. New Liberal Arts News   4(3): 4-7.

10.   Copp, N. H.; Zanella, A. W. . (1986). Syllabus for Principles and Applications of Science. New Liberal Arts News   3: 6.

11.   Creaser, I. I.; Sargeson, A. M.; Zanella, A. W. . (1983). Outer-Sphere Electron-Transfer Reactions Involving Caged Cobalt Ions. Inorg. Chem.   23: 2891-2897. Article

12.   Buckingham, D. A.; Clark,C. C.; Foxman, B. M.; Gainsford, G. J.; Sargeson, A. M.; Wein, M.; Zanella, A. . (1982). Base-Catalyzed Condensation of a Coordinated Amine and a Nitrile to Form a Tridentate Amidine, and the Subsequent Hydrolysis of Halide. Inorg. Chem.   21: 1986-1997. Article

13.   Pinnell, R. P.; Zanella, A. W. . (1981). Determination of Iron by Atomic Absorption in Vitamin-Mineral Tablets. J. Chem. Educ.   58: 444.

14.   Talebinasab-Savari, M.; Zanella, A. W.; Ford, P. C. . (1980). Photochemical Reactions of Iridium (III) Pentaammine and trans-Tetraammine Complexes in Aqueous Solution. Inorg. Chem.   19: 1835-1840. Article

15.   Zanella, A. W.; Fucaloro, A. F. . (1980). Linkage Isomerization of [Co(NH3)5ONO]2+ in Poly (vinyl alcohol). Inorg. Nucl Chem. Lett.   16: 515-519. Abstract

16.   Zanella, A. W.; Ford, K. H.; Ford, P. C. . (1978). Photoreaction Quantum Yields for the Cobalt(III) Complexes [Co(NH3)5(PhCN)]3+ and [Co(NH3)5(CH3CN)]3+. Inorg. Chem.   17: 1051-1056. Article

17.   Buckingham, D. A.; Morris, P.; Sargeson, A. M.; Zanella, A. . (1977). ntramolecular Hydration of Nitriles Coordinated to Cobalt(III) Formation of Five- and Six-membered Chelated Amides. Inorg. Chem.   16: 1910-1923. Article

18.   Zanella, A. W.; Talebinasab-Savari, M.; Ford, P. C. . (1976). Photochemical Studies of Iridium(III) Ammine Complexes. Ligand Field Excitation of [Ir(NH3)6 ]3+, [Ir(NH3)5H2O] 3+, and [Ir(NH3)5Cl] 2+ in Aqueous Solution. Inorg. Chem.   15: 1980-1982. Article

19.   Zanella, A. W.; Ford, P. C. . (1975). Base Hydrolysis of Coordinated Benzonitrile. Reactions of Rhodium(III) and Iridium(III) Complexes.. Inorg. Chem.   14: 700-701. Article

20.   Zanella, A. W.; Ford, P. C. . (1975). Base Hydrolysis of Coordinated Organonitriles. Reactions of Ruthenium(III) and Rhodium(III) Complexes. Inorg. Chem.   14: 42-47. Article

21.   Zanella, A. W.; Ford, P. C. . (1974). Base Hydrolyses of Pentaammineruthenium(III) Complexes of Organonitriles. J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Comm.   : 795-796. Article

22.   Buckingham, D. A.; Foxman, B. M.; Sargeson, A. M. Zanella, A. W. . (1972). Reactions of Coordinated Nucleophiles: Formation and Structure of a Novel Tridentate Complex. J. Amer. Chem.   94: 1007-1009. Article

23.   Buckingham, D. A.; Foxman, B.M.; Sargeson, A. M.; Zanella, A. W. . (1972). Reactions of Coordinated Nucleophiles: Formation of an Amide from a Nitrile. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.   94: 8246-7. Article

24.   Zanella, A. W.; Taube, H. . (1972). The Reaction of para- and meta-Formylbenzoatopentaamminecobalt(III) Ions with Metal Ion Reducing Agents. J. Amer. Chem. Soc.   94: 6403-6410. Article

25.   Zanella, A. W.; Taube, H. . (1971). The Influence of Back-Bonding on the Hydrate-Carbonyl Equilibrium for 4-Formylpyridine as Ligand (on Ru(II). J. Amer. Chem. Soc.   93: 7166-7173. Article

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