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1.   Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert . (2015). Location is Everything: an Educational Primer for Use with “Genetic analysis of the ribosome biogenesis factor Ltv1 of S. cerevisiae.”. Genetics   199: .

2.   Kum-Loong Boon, Tatsiana Auchynnikava, Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert, J. David Barrass, Alastair P. Droop, Christophe Dez, and Jean D. Beggs . (2006). Yeast Ntr1/Spp382 Mediates Prp43 Function in Postspliceosomes . Molecular and Cellular Biology   26: 6016-6023.

3.   Edwalds-Gilbert, G., D.-H. Kim, E. Silverman, C. Cheng, and R.-J. Lin . (2004). Definition of a spliceosome interaction domain in yeast Prp2 ATPase. RNA   10: 210-220. Abstract Article

4.   Silverman, E., G. Edwalds-Gilbert, and R.-J. Lin . (2003). DExD/H-box proteins and their partners: helping RNA helicases unwind. Gene   312: 1-16. Article

5.   Edwalds-Gilbert, G., D.-H. Kim, S.-H. Kim, Y.-H. Tseng,Y Yu, and R.-J. Lin . (2000). Dominant negative mutants of the yeast splicing factor Prp2 map to a putative cleft region in the helicase domain of DExD/H-box proteins. RNA   6(8): 1106-19. Article

6.   Veraldi, K. L., G. Edwalds-Gilbert, C. C. MacDonald, A. M. Wallace, and C. Milcarek . (2000). Isolation and characterization of polyadenylation complexes assembled in vitro. RNA   6: 768-777. Article

7.   Kim, D.-H., G. Edwalds-Gilbert, C. Ren, and R.-J. Lin . (1999). A mutation in a methionine tRNA gene supresses the prp2-1Ts mutation and causes a pre-mRNA splicing defect in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics   153: 1105-1115. Article

8.   Martincic, K., R. Campbell, G. Edwalds-Gilbert, L. Souan, M. T. Lotze, and C. Milcarek . (1998). Increase in the 64-kDa subunit of the polyadenylation/cleavage stimulatory factor during the G0 to S phase transition. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A   95: 11095-100.

9.   Edwalds-Gilbert, G., K. L. Veraldi, and C. Milcarek . (1997). Alternative poly(A) site selection in complex transcription units: means to an end?. Nucleic Acids Res   25: 2547-61. Abstract Article

10.   Edwalds-Gilbert, G., and C. Milcarek . (1995). Regulation of poly(A) site use during mouse B-cell development involves a change in the binding of a general polyadenylation factor in a B-cell stage-specific manner. Mol Cell Biol   15: 6420-9. Abstract Article

11.   Edwalds-Gilbert, G., and C. Milcarek . (1995). The binding of a subunit of the general polyadenylation factor cleavage- polyadenylation specificity factor (CPSF) to polyadenylation sites changes during B cell development. Nucleic Acids Symp Ser   33: 229-33.

12.   Guarini, L., M. Temponi, G. M. Edwalds, J. R. Vita, P. B. Fisher, and S. Ferrone . (1989). In vitro differentiation and antigenic changes in human melanoma cell lines. Cancer Immunol Immunother   30: 262-8. Abstract

13.   Vita, J. R., G. M. Edwalds, T. Gorey, E. M. Housepian, M. R. Fetell, L. Guarini, J. A. Langer, and P. B. Fisher . (1988). Enhanced in vitro growth suppression of human glioblastoma cultures treated with the combination of recombinant fibroblast and immune interferons. Anticancer Res   8: 297-302. Abstract

14.   Siegel, R. J., M. Fealy, G. Edwalds, H. Karagueuzian, and M. C. Fishbein . (1987). Immunohistochemical localization of procainamide in normal, ischemic, and necrotic canine myocardium during acute experimental myocardial infarction. Am Heart J   113: 1383-9. Abstract

15.   Fisher, P. B., H. Hermo, Jr., W. E. Solowey, M. C. Dietrich, G. M. Edwalds, I. B. Weinstein, J. A. Langer, S. Pestka, P. Giacomini, M. Kusama, and et al . (1986). Effect of recombinant human fibroblast interferon and mezerein on growth, differentiation, immune interferon binding and tumor associated antigen expression in human melanoma cells. Anticancer Res   6: 765-74. Abstract

16.   Fishbein, M. C., D. Kulber, M. Stancl, and G. Edwalds . (1986). Distribution of fibrinogen and albumin in normal, ischaemic, and necrotic myocardium during the evolution of myocardial infarction: an immunohistochemical study. Cardiovasc Res   20: 36-41.

17.   Siegel, R. J., K. Swan, G. Edwalds, and M. C. Fishbein . (1985). Limitations of postmortem assessment of human coronary artery size and luminal narrowing: differential effects of tissue fixation and processing on vessels with different degrees of atherosclerosis. J Am Coll Cardiol   5: 342-6.

18.   Harold, J. G., R. J. Siegel, G. M. Edwalds, P. Satoh, and M. C. Fishbein . (1985). Immunohistochemical localization of 6-keto-PGF1-alpha in canine coronary vasculature. Prostaglandins   29: 19-23. Abstract

19.   Herscher, L. L., R. J. Siegel, J. W. Said, G. M. Edwalds, M. M. Moran, and M. C. Fishbein . (1984). Distribution of LDH-1 in normal, ischemic, and necrotic myocardium. An immunoperoxidase study. Am J Clin Pathol   81: 198-203. Abstract

20.   Edwalds, G. M., J. W. Said, M. I. Block, L. L. Herscher, R. J. Siegel, and M. C. Fishbein . (1984). Myocytolysis (vacuolar degeneration) of myocardium: immunohistochemical evidence of viability. Hum Pathol   15: 753-756. Abstract

21.   Siegel, R. J., G. Edwalds, R. Rej, and M. C. Fishbein . (1984). Distribution of cytosolic and mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase in normal, ischemic, and necrotic myocardium. An immunohistochemical study. Lab Invest   51: 648-54. Abstract

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