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1.   M.L. Occelli and S.A.C. Gould . (2004). The use of atomic force microscopy (AFM) to study the surface topography of commercial fluid cracking catalysts (FCCs) and pillared interlayered clay (PILC) catalysts. Proc. of the Am. Chem. Soc. Petro. Div. Conf.: Fluid Cracking Catalysts   : .

2.   D.A. Schiraldi, M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould . (2002). Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy to Current Problems in Industrial Polyester Chemistry. Polymer News   27 (6): 195-200.

3.   S.A.C. Gould, S.A. Naftilan S.J. Khoury and D.J. Wright* . (2001). Systemic Risk: A More Rigorous and Realistic Simulation. Financial Innovations and the Welfare of Nations (L.L. Jacque, P.M. Vaaler, eds.) Tufts University, Kluwer Academic Press : 86-106.

4.   D.A. Schiraldi, M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould . (2001). Atomic force microscopy (AFM) study of poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-4, 4'-bibenzoate): A polymer of intermediate structure. J. Appl. Polymer Sci.   82(11): 2616-2623. Abstract Article

5.   M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould . (2001). Examination of coked surfaces of pillared rectorite catalysts with the atomic force microscope. J. Catalysis   198(1): 41-46. Abstract Article

6.   D.A. Schiraldi, J.J. Lee*, S.A.C. Gould, M.L. Occelli . (2001). Mechanical properties and atomic force cross sectional analysis of injection molded poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-4, 4'-bibenzoate). J. Ind. Eng. Chem.   7(2): 67-71.

7.   M.L. Occelli, M. Kalwaei, A. Wolker, H. Eckert, A. Auroux and S.A.C. Gould . (2000). The Use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Microcalorimetry and Atomic Force Microscopy to Study the Aging and Regeneration of Fluid Cracking Catalysts. Journal of Catalysis   195: .

8.   M.L. Occelli, J.A. Bertrand, S.A.C. Gould, J.M. Dominguez . (2000). Physicochemical Characterization of a Texas montmorillonite pillard with polyoxocations of aluminum. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials   34(2): 195-206. Abstract

9.   S. M. Thomas, J.A. Bertrand, M.L. Occelli, J.M. Stencel and S.A.C. Gould . (1999). The Synthesis and Characterization of Expanded Smectites Containing Trinuclear Co-Complexes. Chemistry of Materials   11(4): 1153-1164. Abstract Article

10.   S.M. Thomas, J.A. Bertrand, M.L. Occelli, F. Huggins, S.A.C. Gould . (1999). Microporous montmorillonites expanded with alumina clusters and M[mu-OH)Cu(mu-OCH2CH2NEt2)] (6)(ClO4)(3), (M = Al, Ga, and Fe), or Cr[(mu-OCH3)(mu-OCH2CH2NEt2)CUCl](3) complexes. Inorganic Chemistry   38(9): 2098-2105. Abstract Article

11.   S.A.C. Gould, K. Tran*, J. Spagna, A. M. F. Moore, J.B. Shulman* . (1999). Short and Long Range Order of the Morphology of Silk from Latrodectus hesperus (Black Widow) as Characterized by Atomic Force Microscopy. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules   24: 151-7. Abstract

12.   S.A.C. Gould, J.B. Shulman*, D.A. Schiraldi, M.L. Occelli . (1999). Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Studies of Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Surfaces. Journal of Applied Polymer Science   74: 2243-2254. Abstract Article

13.   S.A.C. Gould, D.A. Schiraldi, M.L. Occelli . (1998). Imaging the Surface of PET Films. Chemtech   Jan: 35-39.

14.   S.A.C. Gould, D. Schiraldi and M.L. Occelli . (1997). Analysis of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Films using Atomic Force Microscopy. J. of Applied Polymers   67(7): 1237-43.

15.   S.A.C. Gould . (1996). All the Threads, All the Time. OS/2 Mag   1: 28-34.

16.   M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould, F. Baldiraghi and S. Leonicini . (1996). Atomic Force Imaging and Porosimetry Characterization of a Fluid Cracking Catalyst (FCC) Before and After Thermal and Hydrothermal Treatments. Proc. of the Am. Chem. Soc. Petro. Div. Conf.: Fluid Cracking Catalysts (M.L. Occelli, P. O'Connor, eds.)  : 203-216.

17.   H. Kinney*, M.L.Occelli and S.A.C. Gould . (1996). Surface Roughness Measurements of Vanadium Contaminated Fluidized Cracking Catalysts by Atomic Force Microscopy. Proc: Microscopy and Microanalysis 1996 Conf. (G.W. Baily, et. al., eds.)  : .

18.   M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould, J.M. Tsai* and B. Drake . (1995). Examination of Vanadium-contaminated Pillared Rectorite Catalyststs with the Atomic Force Microscope. J. of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical   100: 161-166. Abstract Article

19.   F.E. Huggens, M.L. Occelli, J.M. Dominguez, J.M. Sencel and S.A.C. Gould . (1995). Characterization of Iron Impurities in Pillared Rectorite Catalysts. Microporous Materials   4: 291-300. Abstract

20.   S.A.C. Gould, M.L. Occelli . (1995). Analysis of fluidized cracking catalysts by atomic force microscopy. Proc: Microscopy and Microanalysis 1995 Conf   : 424-425.

21.   M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould . (1994). The Surface Architecture of an FCC Catalyst. Chemtech   24(5): 24-27.

22.   M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould and B. Drake . (1994). Atomic Scale Imaging of Pillard Rectorite Catalysts with the Atomic Force Microscope. Microporous Materials   2: 205-215. Abstract

23.   M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould, and B. Drake . (1994). Atomic Force Microscopy Examination of the Topography of a Fluidized Cracking Catalyst Surface. Proc. of the Am. Chem. Soc. Petro. Div. Conf.: Fluid Catalytic Cracking III (G.W. Baily, A.J, eds.) Garrat-Reed (SF:SFP) : 272-293.

24.   A.N. Nguyen*, A.M.F. Moore, S.A.C. Gould . (1994). High Resolution Images of Cobweb Threads of Black Widow Spider Latrodectus Mactans by Atomic Force Microscopy. Proc. of the Microscopy Society of America 1994 Conf. (G.W. Baily, A.J, eds.) Garrat-Reed (SF:SFP) : 1074-75.

25.   M.L. Occelli, B. Drake, and S. A. C. Gould . (1993). Characterization of Pillared Montmorillonites with the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Journal of Catalysis   142: 337-348. Abstract

26.   J. Garnaes, H. Lindgreen, P.L. Hansma, S.A.C. Gould and P.K. Hansma . (1992). Atomic Force Microscopy of Ultrafine Clay Articles. Ultramicroscopy   42B: 1428-32. Abstract

27.   H. Lindgreen, J. Garnaes, P.L. Hansen, F. Besenbacker, E. Laegsgard, I. Stensgaard, S.A.C. Gould, and P.K. Hansma . (1991). Ultrafine Particles of North Sea Illite/Smectite Clay Minerals Investigated by STM and AFM.. American Mineralogist   76: 1218.

28.   H.G. Hansma, A.L. Weisenhorn, S.A.C. Gould, R.L. Sinsheimer, H.E. Gaub, G.D. Stucky, C.M. Zaremba, and P.K. Hansma . (1991). Progress in Sequencing DNA with an Atomic Force Microscope. J. Vac. Sci. Tech.   B9: . Article

29.   J. Garnaes, S.A.C. Gould, P.K. Hansma, and R.V. Coleman . (1991). Atomic Force MIcroscopy of Charge-Density Wave and Atoms on 1T - TaSe2, 1T - TaS2, 1T - TiSe2 and 2H - NbSe2. J. Vac. Sci. Technol.   B: . Article

30.   H.G. Hansma, S.A.C. Gould, P.K. Hansma, J.A.N. Zasadzinski, M.L. Longo, and H.E. Gaub . (1991). Imaging and Creating Holes in Organic Monolayers with the Atomic Force MIcroscope. Langmuir   7: 1051.

31.   A.L. Weisenhorn, M. Eggar, F. Ohnesorge, S.A.C. Gould, S.P. Heyn, H.G. Hansma, R.L. Sinsheimer, H.E. Gaub, and P.K. Hansma . (1991). Molecular-Resolution Images of Langmuir Blodgett Films and DNA by Atomic Force Microscopy. Langmuir   7: 8.1282.

32.   A.L. Weisenhorn, M. Eggar, F. Ohnesorge, S.A.C. Gould, S.P. Heyn, H.G. Hansma, R.L. Sinsheimer, H.E. Gaub, and P.K. Hansma . (1991). Using Force Modulation To Image Surface Elasticities With The Atomic Force Microscope. Nanotechnology   2(103): . Abstract Article

33.   M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould, G.D. Stucky . (1984). The Study of the Surface Topograph of Microporous Materials Using Atomic Force Microscopy. Zeolites and Related Microporous Mat.: State of the Art.   1994: 485-491.

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