Grant Funding

The Keck Science Department actively encourages its faculty to pursue research opportunities that are made available by various funding agencies such as National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation. Undergraduate research is highly encouraged at Keck Science. The department currently has about 10 active major grants (more than $100,000 each) through various funding sources. The department also has on-going Keck Foundation Faculty Research grants, as well as a number of student research fellowship grants through Seaver Foundation, Keck Foundation, Eaton Family, and Roberts Environmental Center.

NSF CAREER Grant: Investigating Heterochromatin Assembly through Histone Deactylases (5 Year $654,228)

NSF STEP Grant: Increasing Science Graduates Through Interdisciplinary Teaching and Research (5 Year $498,711)

NSF Grant: Reactions and Fate of Amines in the Atmosphere Emitted from Animal Feeding Operations ($460,101)

NSF RUI Grant: Investigations into the role of the CHD1 ATPase in chromosome structure in Drosophila (3 Year $442,053)

NSF Grant: Research Experiences at the Biology-Mathematics Interface (REBMI) (5 Year $429,878)

NSF RUI Grant: Cell-cycle Regulation of LAMMER-related Kinases (4 Year $352,000)

NSF Grant: Noise, Delays and Development of Expertise (3 Year $319,000)

NSF RUI Grant: Analysis of the Role of CHD1 in Chromatin Structure and Transcription (3 Year $303,878)

Rosehills Foundation Grant for Summer Research (4 Year $200,000)

NIH AREA Grant: Self-Assembling Nanostructures of Defined Size (3 Year $191,867)

NIH AREA Grant: Regulation of Spliceosomal ATPase Activity (2 Year $174,399)

NIH AREA Grant: Dynamic 31P NMR of Backbone Dynamics in DNA (3 Year $170,218)