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Summer Environmental Research Fellows Program


The Mellon Environmental Research Fellows Program

Applying for the Mellon Fellows Award

Annual Application Deadline:
First (1st) Monday in February

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The summer 2007 application deadline has passed and Fellowship awards have been announced. Congratualtions to all of our 2007 summer research scholars.

To be considered for a Mellon Fellowship, the following documents are required:
A completed application form submitted by the 1st Monday in February.
A letter of recommendation/reference from a faculty member/mentor.

  • Fellowship award applications are in PDF format.
  • This application is used for the Mellon, Eaton, Keck, Seaver, and Roberts Environmental Center Fellowships.
  • If applying for more than one of these Fellowships in a given year, you must submit a separate application for each.
  • Application forms are submitted directly to the Keck Science Department for review.
  • A completed application and letter of reference are required for award consideration.
  • The applicant is responsible for securing a faculty mentor and making sure that the mentor submits their letter of support on time.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • There are multiple methods for submitting a completed student application. Depending on the software you have installed on your computer and the versions of these applications, you may be able to save the completed application and email it directly.

    To avoid potential problems, we recommend that student applicants fill out the application online, print the completed application, and submit via campus mail or in-person to the Keck Science Department main office.

    Alternatively, a student could: 1) fill out the online application, save the completed PDF file to your hard-drive, then directly submit that saved file via e-mail; or 2) complete the application by hand and submit directly to the Keck Science main office.

    Whichever submission method you choose to use, we suggest that you also print more than one copy of your completed application and keep it for your records.

    Click here to view and/or fill out the online (PDF) Fellowship Application.
    NOTE: Partially completed applications cannot be saved and reopened. If you do not complete and submit/print the application in one sitting, you must start over. We suggest that you formulate your response to the questions using a word processing program, then cut and paste your responses into the appropriate spaces on the PDF application.

    The application form is a PDF-formatted document and requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or above to view as intended. To download the most recent version of Adobe Reader, click here.

    For questions or additional information you may e-mail us at "researchapp(at symbol)" and insert the words Fellowship Information Request into the subject line; or stop by the Keck Science Department main office - Room 110, Keck Science Center, 925 N. Mills Ave., Claremont 91711-5916

    Student Applicants:
    Please view the About and Tips pages for additional information regarding your Mellon Fellowship application.

    Faculty Mentors/Advisors:
    Please view the Letters of Support page for additional information regarding the Mellon Fellowship.

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