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The Mellon Environmental Research Fellows Program

Presenting the Results of Your Summer Research

The results of your Summer research are important! Working on a scientific investigation, collecting data, and interpreting the results are fun endeavors and provide invaluable experience. However, publishing your data is critical, especially if you are considering graduate school. If you have received Summer research funding through the Keck Science Department, we expect you to publish your results and conclusions. There are many ways to do this. You can, for example:

  • attend a conference or meeting of your academic peers and present your results;
  • alone, or in conjunction with your faculty advisor/mentor, write or contribute to an academic paper and have it published;
  • present your results at the annual Keck Science Summer Research Symposia event.

  • Student awardees are required to present their results at the Keck Science Summer Research Symposia event.

  • This event is usually held on the first Thursday or Friday during the first week of classes in the Fall.
  • Student researchers are expected to give a professional, oral presentation accompanied by graphics (e.g., PowerPoint slides, 35mm slides, video, etc.).
  • We strongly suggest that you prepare your visuals in PowerPoint and bring your completed graphics with you on a CD or USB memory device.
  • Talks related by discipline, subject, and/or topic will be grouped together, when possible, to form a coherent session.
  • Each speaker is allotted approximately 15 minutes; plan on a 10-13 minute presentation, and allow 2-5 minutes for setup/takedown and audience questions.
  • We will provide you with any A/V equipment you may need.

  • In addition to your talk, you need to provide the Keck Science symposia coordinator with an abstract of your research.

  • Abstracts should be submitted electronically, at least one week prior to the symposia event.
  • Abstracts from all the presenters will be compiled, printed, and made available prior to the symposia.
  • The abstract should be single-spaced.
  • The length of your abstract should not exceed 2000 characters (not including spaces).
  • You may include an important figure, but the figure plus the text should take up no more space than a 2000 character, text-only abstract.
  • We suggest that you use a sans-serif font (e.g., Arial, Helvetica, etc.), minimum 10 point size.
  • There are three main components to the abstract: 1) the title; 2) the author information; and 3) the body.
  • The author information section must include: your name; the name(s) of your advisor(s) and/or collaborator(s); and your school.
  • The abstract body should be a brief and concise summation of your research. It should include the purpose of your project (hypothesis), the methods you employed, a summary of your data and results, and your conclusion(s).

  • If you have additional questions or received funding but will be unable to participate in the Keck Science Symposia, you should let your advisor know as soon as possible and e-mail the Symposia Coordinator at this address: "researchapp(at)".

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