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Summer Environmental Research Fellows Program


The Mellon Environmental Research Fellows Program

Program Information

Annual Application Deadline:
First (1st) Monday in February

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The summer 2007 application deadline has passed and Fellowship awards have been announced. Congratualtions to all of our 2007 summer research scholars.

Through a generous grant from the A. W. Mellon Foundation, the Keck Sciences Department for the Claremont Colleges annually offers a Summer research fellowship for up to ten (10) undergraduate students attending the Claremont Colleges. The goals of this program are to: 1) foster close working relationships between students and faculty mentors; 2) promote innovative scientific research and achievement through hands-on learning; and 3) encourage an interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach to globally address a wide range of environmentally-related issues. Students from all five undergraduate Claremont Colleges, regardless of major, are encouraged to apply. While open to all majors, the scope of the studies funded with a Mellon award should be demonstrably tied to some aspect of the environment.

Students selected to receive Mellon Research Fellowships will receive up to $4,000. Award monies are intended to be used as a stipend to pay the student researcher for the time spent conducting field or laboratory research. Your advisor(s) are expected to cover research-related costs such as 1) travel expenses to and from a research site; 2) travel to and from a professional meeting to present results; and 3) the purchase of nonstandard laboratory equipment/supplies necessary to complete a specific research project. At the discretion of the student awardee and their advisor, Mellon award monies may be used for these related expenses.

Student Applicants:
Please view the Application and Tips pages for additional information regarding your Mellon Fellowship application.

Faculty Mentors/Advisors:
Please view the Letters of Support page for additional information regarding the Mellon Fellowship.

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