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Summer Environmental Research Fellows Program


The Mellon Environmental Research Fellows Program

Additional Funding Opportunities

  • Department-level Resources:

    In addition to the Mellon Fellowship, The Keck Sciences Department for the Claremont Colleges offers the following student Summer Fellowships: Eaton, Keck, Roberts Environmental Center, and Seaver. If you are interested in applying for one or more of these Fellowships, you must fill out an application. A common application form is used for all Keck Science Fellowships, but applicants must submit one form per Fellowship request. If you have questions or would like additional information regarding the Eaton, Keck, Roberts Environmental Center, and Seaver Fellowships, please contact the Keck Science Department directly.

    Individual Keck Science faculty may have independent sources of funding for summer researchers. These funds are typically awarded to a specific faculty member and can be from governmental (e.g., National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health) or private (e.g., American Chemical Society, W. M. Keck Foundation) sources. Students interested in such opportunities should contact potential faculty advisors/mentors directly, and early in the calendar year, to determine whether such Summer funding opportunities exist.

  • College-level Resources:

    Funding for Summer student research is often derived from grants to individual faculty members or departments. Students should check with individual faculty or department chairs from across the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges to determine what Summer research funding opportunities may exist. These opportunities often evolve throughout the academic year, so we recommend that students begin exploring their options as early as possible.

    Students may also want to check with the Career Services office at their college. These offices can be important sources of information regarding potential funding sources for student researchers. Click on the name of your College to navigate to the Career Services office for that school: Claremont McKenna; Scripps; Pitzer; Pomona; Harvey Mudd.

  • External (off-campus) Resources:

    There are a great number of opportunities for external (non 5-C) funding and we encourage you to explore every available path to success. These opportunities include internships, fellowships, scholarships, grants, and loans. Many of these are open to any student with a strong academic record and demonstrable interest in academic research, while others may be open only to students who meet specific criteria (e.g., GPA, major, women, minority status, etc.). If you live out of state, will be going home for the summer, and happen to live near a large research university, make sure and check with that university (or specific department) to find out whether there are Summer research opportunities there that might fit your interests and skills.

    The links below will direct you to the websites of entities that actively compile large databases of funding opportunities, or point to other sites that may be of interest to Keck Science students.
  • Cornell University (database)
  • Michigan State University Library (database)
  • National Institutes of Health
  • National Science Foundation
  • Partnership for Minority Advancement in the Biomolecular Sciences
  • Sigma Xi
  • Yale University (database; active, but no longer maintained)
  • The Ada Project at Carnegie Mellon University (database; specifically targeting opportunities for women)

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