Recent graduates Victoria Nguyen (SCR ’16) and John Rizzo (CMC ’15) and Assistant Professor Babak Sanii publish article in PLoS ONE
Babak Sanii
Nguyen V, Rizzo J, Sanii B (2016) An Assemblable, Multi-Angle Fluorescence and Ellipsometric Microscope. PLoS ONE
The microscope pivots around the sample, operating in upright, inverted, side-on and oblique geometries. At these geometries it is able to perform bright-field, fluorescence and qualitative ellipsometric imaging. It is the first single instrument in the literature to be able to perform all of these functionalities. The system can be assembled by two undergraduate students from a provided manual in less than a day, from off-the-shelf and 3D printed components, which together cost over an order of magnitude less than comparable commercial products. This open design approach prepares readers to customize the instrument to specific needs and applications. The utility of the microscope is demonstrated in varied geometries and functionalities, with particular emphasis on studying hydrated, solid-supported lipid films and wet biological samples.
The authors appreciate advice and assistance from W. Cook (Keck) and A. Schwartzberg (LBL), and spectrophotometer assistance from L. Schmitz (Keck). We thank J. Zehner (CMC ’15) and M. Swift (CMC ’16) who test-assembled the device from parts and the manual in a day, as well as T. Liu (PTZ ’17) and C. Hu (CMC ’18) who prepared lipid-spreading samples for ellipsometry. Yeast and brain-tissue samples were generously provided by the laboratories of Z.I. Tang (Keck) and R. Spence (Keck) respectively.
For a picture of Victoria when she started this project the summer after her first year at Scripps, visit our blog: For the article (it is in an open-access journal):  


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