Leconte Group publishes development of new DNA polymerases
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Aaron Leconte
In a recent issue of Chembiochem, scientists at the W. M. Keck Science Department reported on the design and characterization of new DNA polymerases. These proteins possess an unnatural ability to make chemically modified forms of DNA and work under milder conditions than prior studies. The work has potentially broad utility for biotechnological applications of DNA as well as to synthetic biology.

The team was led by Assistant Professor of Chemistry Aaron Leconte and the manuscript was coauthored by seven students in Keck Science Dept: Sydney Rosenblum (Scripps ’17), Aurora Weiden (Scripps ’17), Eliza Lewis (Scripps '17), Alexie Ogonowsky (Scripps '16), Hannah Chia (Scripps ’16), Susanna Barrett (SCR ’19), and Mira Liu (CMC '18).  


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