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Assoc. Professor of Biology Jennifer Armstrong
Associate Professor of Biology Jennifer Armstrong and Laura Lee (Scripps '09) publish in the journal PLoS Genetics. Their article, "A Key Role for Chd1 in Histone H3 Dynamics at the 3′ Ends of Long Genes in Yeast," examines the role of the ATP-remodeling factor CHD1 in histone exchange in both yeast and fruit flies. Laura and Prof. Armstrong found that CHD1 is required for deposition of histones at actively expressed genes in flies. Understanding the function of the evolutionarily conserved CHD1 protein is critical as it plays a role in cancer prevention and stem cell maintenance. This international, collaborative project involved scientists and students from Keck Science, the Univesity of Massachusetts Meidcal School, UCSD, the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Netherlands Proeeomics Centre, and Harvard University. Please see  


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