Conference Presentation
Bio Prof Marion Preest and Matt Ward (Pitzer '11)
Matt Ward (PTZ, '11) attended the 7th World Congress of Herpetology in Vancouver, Canada (Aug 8-14th, 2012) along with his former thesis advisor, Professor of Biology Marion Preest. Matt and Marion presented a poster coauthored with colleagues Professor of Chemistry Tom Poon and John Hermanson (Cornell University). The research Matt performed for his senior thesis contributed to the poster. In their poster, the authors describe a pouch in the corner of the mouth of Jackson's chameleons that contains a "foul-smelling, viscous substance" that the chameleons wipe on branches. The substance attracts insects which then become a meal for the chameleons. Chemical analysis indicates that some of the chemicals in the substance are identical to those found in some insect pheromones. Histological work to determine the source of the substance (e.g. produced by a gland or derived from insects) is ongoing. Matt's attendance at the World Congress was made possible by support gratefully received from the W. M. Keck Science Department.  


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