Conference Grant
Asst. Professor of Biology Lars Schmitz
Assistant Professor of Biology Lars Schmitz, in collaboration with Samantha Price (UC Davis) and Graham Slater (National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution), has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to organize a Catalysis Meeting and bring world-leading, multidisciplinary scientists to focus on a major question in evolutionary biology. The award, “Integrating approaches to macroevolution: combining fossils and phylogenies,” is administered by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent). NESCent Catalysis Meetings are one-time events that bring together about 30 world-leading scientists from diverse disciplines. Schmitz, his collaborators, and meeting participants from three continents and ten countries will explore and develop new integrative approaches to macroevolution, a field that analyzes the grand history of life on earth: the patterns and processes leading to the origination, diversification and eventual extinction of organisms. The primary aim of this Catalysis Meeting is to create a dialogue between paleontologists and biologists studying macroevolution, in order to address the discrepancies and to develop strategies to unify the data and methods used in the two disciplines. Ultimately, this meeting will help to gain a more integrative and complete understanding of the history of life on our planet.  


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