Conference Presentation
Visiting Asst Prof Kayla Kaiser
This year's outreach at Chem Expo was a success! Under the leadership of Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kayla Kaiser, the W. M. Keck Science Department hands-on table hosted everyday applications of nanotechnology, both old and new. The Department's stage presentation emphasized the role of nanotechnology in clothing and household applications at a "Nano Fashion Show." Volunteers from the audience were invited to model the accessories created to connect macro- and nano- behavior. Nanoparticle stained glass (Au NP have been used for over 1000 years) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs have been used for 50 years) were available at our table. Spectroscopy and color were discussed, as well as wave-behavior of light including transmission, absorption, and scattering. The first three photos were taken around our table, which was manned by volunteers from UCSD. Pitzer student Danica Pacifici and Keck Science technician Walter Cook assembled the LED circuits for our demo table. Pitzer student Amanda Leon celebrated Mole Day (10/23) by contributing descriptions of nanotechnology in fashion which we used for our script. Scripps student Cori Fukushima connected us with the company Tactical 5.11 which employs high-tech manufacturing practices in creating clothing durable enough and highly functional for law enforcement. The Department's IT specialist Boyle Ke made sure we had a poster to place behind the plexiglass with dye structures and absorbance spectra of the nanoparticle solutions, collected on the SpectraVis equipment from the General Chemistry (KSCII 302) laboratory with support from Tom Davis. Scripps students Cori Fukushima and Shana Levenson embedded the Au and Ag NP and food dye in a 36" x 72" stained glass window depicting the W. M. Keck Science Department logo. 953 San Diego school children from 28 schools participated in hands-on demonstration tables, watched stage presentations, and talked to scientists. Please see the video at the link below.  


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