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Asst Prof of Environmental Science Colin Robins
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Colin Robins is a contributing author of a forthcoming paper in Cretaceous Research. The study describes the previously unrecognized stratigraphic record of a near-shore, peritidal paleoenvironment within the Maevarano Formation of northwestern Madagascar. The studied sequence of sedimentary rocks was deposited approximately 65 to 72 million years ago in an environment perhaps roughly comparable to, though more arid than, the present-day Florida Everglades. Microfossils from fishes, frogs, snakes, at least one mammal, and many other vertebrate taxa, along with invertebrate burrows, are abundantly preserved as concentrated bonebeds within these coastal deposits. Thus, this study’s analysis and paleoenvironmental reconstructions provide important context for paleontological research. The study was led by Raymond R. Rogers (Macalester College) and David W. Krause (Stony Brook University) in collaboration with (former) undergraduate/graduate students, the Université d’Antananarivo (Madagascar), and Colin Robins.

Rogers, R.R., Krause, D.W., Kast, S.C., Marshall, M.S., Rahantarisoa, L., Robins, C.R., and Sertich, J.J . (In press). A new, richly fossiliferous member comprised of tidal deposits in the Upper Cretaceous Maevarano Formation, northwestern Madagascar. Cretaceous Research.


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