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Assoc Chem Prof Katie Purvis-Roberts
Associate Professor of Chemistry Katie Purvis-Roberts; Eric Praske, PIT '13; Su Anne Lee, SCR '14, and Morgan Shattuck, CMC '12 are coauthors of a paper published the journal Atmospheric Environment.

The article, "NO3 radical, OH radical and O3- initiated Secondary Aerosol Formation from Aliphatic Amines ΜΆ Salt Formation and the Effect of Water Vapor," by Tang, X., Price, D.J, Praske, E., Lee, S.A., Shattuck, M.A., Purvis-Roberts, K.L., Silva, P., Asa-Awuku, A., Cocker III, D.R., describes a collaborative project with researchers at UC Riverside.

Alkyl amines in the atmosphere derive from agricultural sources, such as animal feeding operations, and can form particulate matter air pollution when oxidized by ozone, hydroxyl radical, or nitrate radical. Environmental chamber studies were done at the University of California, Riverside, to understand the primarily reaction mechanisms behind alkyl amine incorporation in to aerosols. We discovered that an acid-base reaction resulting in salt formation is the major pathway for the reactions between nitrate radical and butylamine or diethylamine, while trimethylamine forms mostly non-salt secondary organic aerosol. The hydroxyl radical reaction with amines forms mostly oxidized organic aerosol while the ozone reaction with amines results in little aerosol formation.

For the full article see Atmospheric Environment 2013, 72, 105-112



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