Research Publication
Professor of Physics Jim Higdon
Professor of Physics Jim Higdon has published an article describing a 3-D model of stellar distribution in the Milky Way Galaxy. Using far-infrared data from a variety of telescopes, he has studied the distribution of OB associations, loose, gravitationally unbound star clusters with a common ancestry, within molecular clouds. Measurements of high-temperature hydrogen that surrounds the cavity region (superbubbles) around these associations provide a signature of important processes in the Milky Way, including the source distribution of Galactic cosmic rays, star formation, core-collapsee supernova, neutron star and stellar black hole production sites.

Based on his model, developed with R.E. Lingenfelter, UCSD, Prof. Higdon has found that the Galactic superbubble distribution is dominated by the contribution of massive-star clusters residing in the spiral arms.



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