Research Publication
Assoc Prof of Chemistry Anna Wenzel
Victoria K. Davis (SCR ’14), Hannah Whittemore (CMC ’13), and Associate Professor of Chemistry Anna Wenzel just reported a paper in collaboration with Prof. Bruce Lipshutz (UC Santa Barbara) on conducting organic reactions in water. By adding the surfactant TPGS0-750 M, which forms micelles in a manner similar to soap, Hannah and Tori were able to avoid the use of carcinogenic solvents to perform olefin metathesis and click reactions in a biosustainable manner. The paper, ""Click" and Olefin Metathesis Chemistry in Water at Room Temperature Enabled by Biodegradable Micelles, appears in November 2013 issue of Journal of Chemical Education. | J. Chem. Educ. 2013, 90, 1514−1517  


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