Research Grant
Assoc. Prof. of Biology Emily Wiley
Engaging more undergraduates in research experiences is a priority for improving science education and course-based research experiences are a promising approach to reaching larger numbers of students. The Ciliate Genomics Consortium (CGC) is a student-centered, nation-wide collaborative learning community that uses scalable functional genomics research for integration into courses in a variety of biology sub-disciplines. The CGC employs an integrative teaching and research model that combines both inquiry-driven class laboratory activities and collaborative consortium pedagogies to advance faculty research. Previously, the CGC developed modular course-based research curricula that, when adopted by the research community using the ciliate Tetrahymena, effectively engaged greater numbers of students in authentic research while advancing faculty research. This work expands the consortium by creating new or improving tested curricula to promote their broad adoption, creating more opportunities for teaching/research integration. If successful, this project provides evidence that students in classroom settings can contribute substantially to faculty and community research priorities with a variety of model organisms.  


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