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Selected Publications in Physics


1 . . 2018. Duality and Nonlinear Graph Laplacians.. Theoretical Computer Science : .
2 . . 2017. Geometric Analysis of a Generalized Wythoff Game. Accepted for publication in Games of No Chance 5, MSRI Publications vol. 70 : .
3 . J. E. Wells, R. Blümel, J. M. Kwolek, D. S. Goodman, W. W. Smith. 2017. Loading a linear Paul trap to saturation from a magneto-optical trap. Phys. Rev. A 95: 053416. Article
4 . J. M. Kwolek, J. E. Wells, D. S. Goodman, W. W. Smith. 2016. Simple locking of infrared and ultraviolet diode lasers to a visible laser using a LabVIEW proportional-integral-derivative controller on a Fabry-Perot signal. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87: 055102. Article
5 . . 2015. Directed Network Motifs in Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment. PLoS One DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124453 : with E.Friedman,K.Young,G.Tremper,J.Liang,N.Schuff.
6 . . 2015. Edge Correlations in Spatial Networks. Journal of Complex Networks doi: 10.1093/comnet/cnv015: (with E.Friedman,J.Owen,W.Hsieh,L.Kam,P.Mukherjee).
7 . D. S. Goodman, J. E. Wells, J. M. Kwolek, R. Blümel, F. A. Narducci, W. W. Smith. 2015. Measurement of the low-energy Na+ − Na total collision rate in an ion-neutral hybrid trap. Phys. Rev. A 91: 012709. Article
8 . R. Blümel, J. E. Wells, D. S. Goodman, J. M. Kwolek, W. W. Smith. 2015. Universal nonmonotonic structure in the saturation curves of magneto-optical-trap-loaded Na+ ions stored in an ion-neutral hybrid trap: Prediction and observation. Phys. Rev. A 92: 063402. Article
9 . . 2014. Directed Progression Brain Networks in Alzheimer's Disease: Properties and Classification. Brain Connectivity 4(5), 384-393: EFriedman,KYoung,DAsif,IJutla,MLiangSWilsonNSchuff.
10 . . 2014. Stochastic Geometric Network Models for Groups of Functional and Structural Connectomes. NeuroImage 101: (with E. Friedman, J. Owen, Y. Li, P. Mukherjee).
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12 . . 2013. Cofinite Induced Subgraphs of Impartial Combinatorial Games: An Analysis of CIS-Nim.. INTEGERS 13: (with Scott M. Garrabrant, Eric J. Friedman). Article
13 . . 2013. Hierarchical networks, power laws, and neuronal avalanches. CHAOS 23 (1): 013135 (with E.J. Friedman). Article
14 . I. Sivarajah, D. S. Goodman, J. E. Wells, F. A. Narducci, W. W. Smith. 2013. Off-resonance energy absorption in a linear Paul trap due to mass selective resonant quenching. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 84: 113101. Article
15 . D. S. Goodman, I. Sivarajah, J. E. Wells, F. A. Narducci, W. W. Smith. 2012. Ion-neutral-atom sympathetic cooling in a hybrid linear rf Paul and magneto-optical trap. Phys. Rev. A 86: 033408. Article
16 . I. Sivarajah, D. S. Goodman, J. E. Wells, F. A. Narducci, W. W. Smith. 2012. Evidence of sympathetic cooling of Na+ ions by a Na magneto-optical trap in a hybrid trap. Phys. Rev. A 86: 063419. Article
17 . . 2011. Combinatorial games with a pass: A dynamical systems approach. CHAOS 043108: (with Rebecca E. Morrison, Eric J. Friedman). Abstract Article
18 . Geißler, D., T. Rozgonyi, J. González-Vázquez, L. González, S. Nichols, and T. Weinachtacht. 2010. Creation of multihole molecular wave packets via strong field ionization. Physical Review A 82: 011402.
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20 . E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg. 2009. On the Geometry of Combinatorial Games: a Renormalization Approach. (MSRI series) : . Article
21 . Eric J. Friedman and Adam S. Landsberg. 2009. Construction and Analysis of Random Networks with Explosive Percolation.. Physical Review Letters 103: 255701. Article
22 . James E. Wells and J. N. Yukich. 2009. Photodetachment spectroscopy from the lowest threshold of S −. Phys. Rev. A 80: 055403. Article
23 . M. Furi, A.S. Landsberg AS, and M. Martelli. 2009. On the Longitudinal Librations of Hyperion. Journal of Fixed Point Theory and its Applications : 1661-7738. Article
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25 . E.J. Friedman and A.S. Landsberg. 2007. Nonlinear dynamics in combinatorial games: Renormalizing Chomp.. Chaos 17: 023117. Article
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27 . Jeffrey A. Harvey, Steuard Jensen. 2005. Worldsheet Instanton Corrections to the Kaluza-Klein Monopole. Journal of High Energy Physics 10: 028. Abstract Article
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30 . M.L. Occelli and S.A.C. Gould. 2004. The use of atomic force microscopy (AFM) to study the surface topography of commercial fluid cracking catalysts (FCCs) and pillared interlayered clay (PILC) catalysts. Proc. of the Am. Chem. Soc. Petro. Div. Conf.: Fluid Cracking Catalysts : .
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32 . Sidi C. Benzahra. 2004. Dissociation of a Boosted Quarkonium. AJMP Vol.1 #2: 191-193. Abstract
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36 . D.A. Schiraldi, J.J. Lee*, S.A.C. Gould, M.L. Occelli. 2001. Mechanical properties and atomic force cross sectional analysis of injection molded poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-4, 4'-bibenzoate). J. Ind. Eng. Chem. 7(2): 67-71.
37 . D.A. Schiraldi, M.L. Occelli, S.A.C. Gould. 2001. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) study of poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-4, 4'-bibenzoate): A polymer of intermediate structure. J. Appl. Polymer Sci. 82(11): 2616-2623. Abstract Article
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44 . M.L. Occelli, M. Kalwaei, A. Wolker, H. Eckert, A. Auroux and S.A.C. Gould. 2000. The Use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Microcalorimetry and Atomic Force Microscopy to Study the Aging and Regeneration of Fluid Cracking Catalysts. Journal of Catalysis 195: .
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48 . S.A.C. Gould, J.B. Shulman*, D.A. Schiraldi, M.L. Occelli. 1999. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Studies of Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Surfaces. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 74: 2243-2254. Abstract Article
49 . S.A.C. Gould, K. Tran*, J. Spagna, A. M. F. Moore, J.B. Shulman*. 1999. Short and Long Range Order of the Morphology of Silk from Latrodectus hesperus (Black Widow) as Characterized by Atomic Force Microscopy. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 24: 151-7. Abstract
50 . S.M. Thomas, J.A. Bertrand, M.L. Occelli, F. Huggins, S.A.C. Gould. 1999. Microporous montmorillonites expanded with alumina clusters and M[mu-OH)Cu(mu-OCH2CH2NEt2)] (6)(ClO4)(3), (M = Al, Ga, and Fe), or Cr[(mu-OCH3)(mu-OCH2CH2NEt2)CUCl](3) complexes. Inorganic Chemistry 38(9): 2098-2105. Abstract Article

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