Dentistry - Letters of Evaluation

Have your letters of evaluation sent directly if you are applying through AADSAS.

Have all your letters sent in individually to AADSAS directly by your evaluators. When you fill out your AADSAS application you will go to the "Evaluators" section of your application and indicate the names of your evaluators and other information requested.

After you enter your evaluators' information into the spaces provided, the evaluators will then receive an email requesting them to log into the secure eLOR service and complete your evaluation at their leisure. - Let your evaluators know to expect this email! Evaluators have the option of denying your request.

You are allowed to submit your application before your evaluators have submitted their letters. Just make sure that your evaluators submit their letters in a timely fashion (and, of course, before the application deadline). You should monitor the status of your evaluations (i.e. whether or not they have been completed), by logging into your application and visiting the eLOR section. This can be done even after you have submitted your application.

If a letter has not been submitted and you think it should have been, follow-up with your evaluator and make sure.