Nursing - Applying to School

Where to Apply ~ When to Apply ~ How to Apply

Where to Apply

Keck Science Department students should plan on applying to Direct Entry level Master’s Programs. Use the following link to begin researching your options:
• When looking through programs, be sure to track the following information on an excel spreadsheet:
o Gpa requirements
o Letters of recommendation
o Tests required (GRE, MCAT, etc…)
o Minimum number of clinical hours
o Application windows; when it opens and when it closes
o Additional required courses you might need to take
• You should come up with a short list of programs to apply to. Usually 5-7 programs.

When to Apply

Once you have chosen where to apply, you will need to obtain applications for each school. There is no set application deadline. Some are rolling admissions, some are due as early as November and some as late as March. Make sure you check the deadlines for your schools and remember to apply early - this will give you the best chances for admission and financial aid.

How to Apply

The application procedures are different for each school, but you will most likely need to:

Fill out an application and pay a fee

If you would like the Pre-Health Advising Office to assist you, you are welcome to send drafts of your application materials for review to Be sure to update the PH Advising office of any acceptances you are offered! Send all transcripts and required standardized tests scores

Most programs will require that you take the GRE. The GRE is a computer-based test similar to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). You can prepare for it using independent study materials or by taking a prep course. Whatever you choose, you should take advantage of the free practice software available on the GRE website (

Send letters of evaluation

The requirements on this vary from school to school. Most will require at least two letters of evaluation and that at least one come from an undergraduate professor. (For the other, it is often suggested that you ask someone in a healthcare setting with whom you have volunteered/ interned such as a doctor or a nurse)

Make sure you ask you evaluators to write your letters in advance and provide them with a deadline for when you would like to have your letter written. You should give your evaluators a minimum of four weeks.

Attend an interview

For tips on interviewing, visit our Interviews page

Please inform us if you are interviewed or accepted to a health professions program/school. We track all of this data to better inform future applicants of where our students have had success.