2010 Summer Research Symposium

Friday, September 3, 2010

Opening Session: 1:00 pm Burns Lecture Hall
Introductory Remarks:  Dr. David Hansen, Joint Science Dean
Student Presentations in five parallel sessions starting at 1:30 pm
Session 1 (Biology) – Burns Lecture Hall
Session 2 (Biology) – Keck 125
Session 3 (Chemistry) – Keck 101
Session 4-A (Neuroscience) – Keck 127
Session 4-B (Biology/Neuroscience) – Keck 127
Session 5 (Physics) – Keck 137
There is a BREAK for refreshments from 3:00 – 3:30 pm
For more detailed information please consult the attached program and the alphabetical listing of students participating along with the Abstracts for their talks.

Session 1 (Biology) – Burns Lecture Hall
Moderator:   Dr. Jennifer Armstrong
1:30 Kelsey Schmidt (SC) (Advisor: Armstrong-JSD) 
Levels of CHD1 Affect the Heat Shock Recovery of Transcription in Drosophila  
1:45 Helen Kim (CMC) (Advisor: Armstrong-JSD) 
Investigating CHD1 Protein Interaction Partners through Co-Immunoprecipitation 
2:00 Liana Engie (PZ) and Robyn Schwartz (SC) (Advisor: Armstrong-JSD)
Quantifying Fluorescence Microscopy 
2:15 Allen Chen (CMC) (Advisors: Wiley & Slade-JSD) 
Role of Thd14 in Chromatin Regulation during Starvation 
2:30 Mallika Yavatkar (SC) (Advisors: Wiley & Slade-JSD) 
The role of Thd2 in chromatin maturation and differentiation 
2:45 Katerina Yale (CMC) (Advisor: Wiley-JSD)
 The role of Hhp1 in nuclear development and differentiation 
3:00 BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor
Moderator:   Dr. Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert
3:30 Alexandra Moyzis (SC) (Advisor: Tang-JSD) 
Testing the Biological Effect of Bisphenol-A (BPA) 
3:45 Laura Taggart-Murphy (SC) (Advisor: Tang-JSD)
The Expression and Localization of the Protein Kinase dsk1 During the S. pombe Cell Cycle 
4:00  Sasha Farina (CMC) (Advisor: Edwalds-Gilbert-JSD)
Genomic analysis of Response Pathways to Phenol Derivatives  
4:15  Elizabeth Martin (CMC) (Advisor: Edwalds-Gilbert-JSD)
Genomic investigation of the response pathways affected by Bisphenol A using S.cerevisiae 
as a model system 
4:30 Catherine Gilbert (SC) (Advisor: Edwalds-Gilbert-JSD)
 Genome-wide analysis of cellular response pathways to phenolic compounds BHA and BHT 
4:45 Timothy Law (CMC) (Advisor: Edwalds-Gilbert-JSD)
Investigating the Effects of the Interaction between Prp43 with a Mutation in the C terminus and Spliceosome Disassembly Factor Ntr1

Session 2 (Biology) – Keck 125
Moderator:   Dr. Donald McFarlane

1:30 Gizelle Pera (CMC) (Advisor: McFarlane-JSD)
Tree Demographics in the Firestone Reserve, Costa Rica 
1:45 Rachel Poutasse (SC) and Kevon White (CMC) (Advisor: McFarlane-JSD)
Spatial Distribution of Attine Ants at the Firestone Reserve, Costa Rica 
2:00 L. Zoe Almeida (SC) (Advisors: Perry & Sutter- Virginia Inst. of Marine Science) 
Responses of Fresh Water Tidal Marsh Plants to Increases in Salinity 
2:15 L. Zoe Almeida (SC) (Advisor: Thomson-JSD)
Tree Demography and Stand Characteristics of a Regenerating Tropical Secondary Forest
2:30 Sophia Yang (PO) (Advisors: Ng & Maas- Stanford) 
Learning vibrissal sensory representations for texture discrimination  
2:45 Kara Mantani (CMC) (Advisor: Guthrie-JSD)
Fox Squirrel Invasion: An ecological survey of the invasion and displacement of gray squirrels by fox squirrels 

3:00 BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor
Moderator:    Dr. Marion Preest

3:30 Dana Jensen (SC) (Advisor: Preest-JSD)
Pregnancy and Tail Regrowth:  Is there a Tradeoff in Xantusia vigilis?
3:45 Nathan Lenssen (CMC) (Advisor: Morhardt-JSD, work performed at NCAR) 
Spatial Distributions of Precipitation Events from Regional Climate Models 
4:00 Sarah Rubenstein (SC) (Advisor: Matsui-Pomona)
Using aminoglycoside anitbiotics to characterize cell types in the zebrafish (Danio rerio) inner ear
4:15 Jixi He (PO) and Chang Ke Bao (CMC) (Advisors: Naftilan & Benoit-JSD)
Prey detection and orientation through web-borne vibration in spiders Hololena curta 
4:30    Anna Fiastro (SC) (Work done with Kristin Raphel, Jenny Franks Jennie Sweda, Katie Cettie, and Ian Hannigan Advisor: Levin-Pomona)
Science or Fortune-telling?: Digit ratio & gender identity

Session 3 (Chemistry) – Keck 101
Moderator: Dr. Mary Hatcher-Skeers

1:30 Sydney Swonigan (SC) (Advisor: Hatcher-Skeers-JSD) 
Greening the Classroom 
1:45  Sharday Grant-Overton (CMC) (Advisor: Wenzel-JSD)
Microwave-Assisted Oxidative Coupling of Phenols
2:00 Caitlin Edmunds (SC) (Advisor: Hatcher-Skeers-JSD) 
Synthesis of a Methylated DNA for Solid-State NMR Analysis 
2:15 Janista Lek (SC) (Advisor: Hatcher-Skeers-JSD) 
Effect of methylation and flanking sequences on DNA dynamics  
2:30 Naomi Yonis (SC) and Elayna Tillman (SC) (Advisor: Hatcher-Skeers-JSD) 
NMR studies of methylation-induced changes in the phosphate backbone conformations of B-form DNA (20 minutes)   

3:00 BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator: Dr. Katie Purvis-Roberts

3:30 Morgan Shattuck (CMC) and Eric Praske  (PZ) (Advisor: Purvis-Roberts-JSD)
Analysis of Amine Salts Using a PILS-IC 
3:45 Teija Mortvedt (SC) (Advisor: Purvis-Roberts-JSD)
Contamination from Fuel Additives at Brackett Airfield 
4:00 Dana Pinson (SC) (Advisor: Crisostomo-JSD)
Synthesis of Octahedral MolecularSieve-2 (OMS-2) using Guanosine G-quartet structure directors 
4:15 Kassandra Pinnock (CMC), Jessica Mao (CMC), Wendy Kim (CMC), and Jeffrey Astor (CMC) (Advisor: Fucaloro-JSD)
A Volumetric Study of Hexaamminecobalt (III) Nitrate in Proteated and Deuterated Water     

Session 4-A (Neuroscience) – Keck 127
Moderator: Dr. Newton Copp
1:30 Ryan Meyer (PO) (Advisor: Milton-JSD) 
Humans control fast, unpredictable movements using time-delayed feedback 
1:45 Julia Behnen (SC) and Kelsey Mesa (SC) (Advisor: Copp-JSD)
Postural Control of Crayfish in the Defensive Posture 
2:05 Andrew Ho (HMC) and Danielle Snowdon (SC) (Advisor: Copp-JSD) 
Modelling Defensive Turning Behavior in Crawfish: Walking vs. Whirling 
2:30 Rachel Babener (PZ) (Advisor: Copp-JSD)
A histological evaluation of changes in CNS cell population post-stroke 
2:45: Leah Rosenbaum (SC) (Advisor: Petrosino-U. Texas)
Examining the Expert Blind Spot

3:00 BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Session 4-B (Biology/Neuroscience) – Keck 127
Moderator:  Dr. Sarah Gilman
3:30 Margaret Johnson (SC) (Advisor: Gilman-JSD)
The Effects of Low Tide Interruption of the Feeding Behaviors of Nucella Ostrina and NucellaLamellosa
3:45 Laura Hoverson (SC) (Advisors: Dunham & Payen-U. Washington)
 Identification of Essential Genes in Saccharomyces Bayanus 
4:00 Janice Cho (PZ) (Advisor: Queitsch -U. Washington) 
Variable Tandem Repeats as Facilitators of Rapid Evolution 
4:15 Elizabeth Meier (SC) (Advisors: Ruohola-Baker & Stadler-U. Washington)
Assessing the roles of miRNAs in iPSC induction
4:30 Devin Adair (SC) (Advisors: Pratt & Swick-Northern CA VA)
Novel Auditory P300 Event-Related Potential in Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  

Session 5 (Physics) – Keck 137
Moderator: Dr. Steve Naftilan

1:30 Cassandra Gamm (SC) (Advisor: Gould-JSD)
Cost Effective Lighting for Scripps campus 
1:45 Marisa Finn (SC) and Dail Chapman (SC) (Advisor: Naftilan-JSD) 
Epsilon Aruigae: Unusual Spectroscopic Line Variation and the Search For An Explanation 
2:15 Jhenna Voorhis (SC) and Kelsey Lubetich (SC) (Advisor: Gould-JSD) 
“Dice Setting” in the Game of Craps 
2:30 Fenxiao Chen (SC) and Jiaxin (Jessie) Liu (CMC) (Advisor: Landsberg-JSD) 
Analysis of Combinatorial Game as Dynamical Systems 
2:45 Philip Guerin (PZ) (Advisors: Adami & Hintze-KGI)
Evolving Economic Bubbles in Envious Public Goods Game 
3:00 BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor