2013 Summer Research Symposium

Friday, September 6, 2013

Poster Session: 1:00-1:45pm – Keck Science, Ground Level Floor

Bashar Alhoch (CMC):  Investigating the possible involvement of Kic1 and Dsk1 in Heterochromatic gene silencing (Tang)

Chris Chang (CMC):  Circadian Rhythms (Steele)

Hannah Chia (SCR):  Taq Polymerase recognition of 2´ modified nucleotides (Leconte)

Annika Deurlington (CMC):  Critical Zone: Identifying habitat predictors for Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii  (Robins)

Jacob Enslein (PIT):  Effects of Germination Behavior on Californian Annual Forb Population Dynamics (Thomson)

Julia Filo (PIT):  Circadian Rhythm Effect on Hormone Signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana Physiology (Thines)

Ariane Gushue (SCR):  The Identification and Generation of Survivinᶧ HLA-A2ᶧ Tumor Lines to Test the Efficacy of Survivin/HLA-A2 Specific T Cells (Armstrong/Anderson)

Allison Hu (CMC):  A volumetric study of aqueous alcohols (Fucaloro) – presenting with Kan and Yoshino

Emily Kan (CMC):  A volumetric study of aqueous alcohols (Fucaloro) – presenting with Hu and Yoshino

Michelle Kung (CMC):  Development of a Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine Using Tobacco Mosaic Virus (Grill)

Mabel Kyinn (SCR):  Correlating Drug Binding Affinities with Spontaneous Base Pair Opening (Hatcher-Skeers)

Yvonna Leung (SCR):  Nontargeted profiling of the metabolome of a clockless mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana overexpressing a master regulator in the circadian clock, CCA1, reveals the holistic metabolic impact of locking plants in morning mode (Thines/Kaiser)

Katherine Liu (SCR):  Molecular gradients by colliding lipid bilayers: a platform to explore anomalous diffusion  (Sanii)

Georgia Macy (SCR):  DNA Nanotube Projects (Off-Campus)

Mitchell Marmon (PIT):  An Inquiry Into Environmental Stress Inducible F-box Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana  (Thines)

Michelle Ozaki (SCR):  A Chemical Genomic Approach to Studying the Cellular Pathways Involved in Response to Platinum-Based Anticancer Drugs (Tang)

Sheila Panez (CMC):  Biomechanics and Neural Control of Barefoot vs. Shod Running (Ahn, HMC) – presenting with Musa Kiyani and Sarah Stevens from HMC

Samuel Rubin (PIT):  Exceptional Locomotory Performance in Paratarsotomus macropalpis Mites (Ahn, HMC)

Chloe Shih (PIT):  The effect of secondary transitions to diurnality on morphology evolution in birds (Schmitz)

Jaanhvi Vaidya (CMC): Relating Neural Dynamics to Connectivity and Time Delays (Milton)

Joshua Weiss (PIT):  Bioinformatic identification of cis-acting regulatory sequences controlling the expression of the essential gene asd, a key player in amino acid metabolism and bacterial survival (Massimelli)

Sabrina Werby (PIT):  Biological NMR (Hatcher-Skeers)

Austin Wu (CMC):  Effects of Circadian Clock Rhythmicity on Plant Hormone Signaling and Tissue Growth (Thines)

Alyssa Yoshino (CMC):  A volumetric study of aqueous alcohols (Fucaloro) – presenting with Hu and Kan

Wiphu Youyen (PIT):  Line Identification and Abundances of GD378 White Dwarf Star (Naftilan)



Power Point Presentations: 2:00-4:45pm

Session 1 (Biology) – Keck-125
Moderator: Dr. Julia Massimelli
2:00        Celina Hayashi: Vitamin D Levels and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (Off-Campus)          
2:15        Brian Cohn: Influence of zooplanktivory on retinal ganglion cell topography in labrid reef fishes (Schmitz)
2:30        Katherine Dahl & Kristina Millar: Chick Development in the Boat-tailed Grackle/Hatchling Development of the Quiscalus Major (Preest)
2:45        Michael Erb: Monitoring the Influence of CHD1 on Histone Dynamics in Drosophila Melanogaster (Armstrong)
3:00        Emilie Fisher & Melanie Huen: Division Mechanisms in Proteus mirabilis (Sullivan)

3:15        BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator:  Dr. Patrick Ferree
3:30        Haley Godtfredsen & Laura Sauvage: Costs and Benefits of Cluster Formation in N. Clavipes (E. Ferree)
3:45        Elana Goldstein: Foraging Radii of Attine Ants (McFarlane)
4:00        Lauren Gonzalez: F-box Proteins At1g61340, At1g77000, and At2g44130 in the Stress Response of Arabidopsis thaliana (Thines)
4:15        Lian Guo: Effects of acclimation on the thermal tolerance of the intertidal barnacle, Balanus glandula (Gilman)
4:30        Hanna Brody: RNAi knockdown of B-chromosome transcripts in Nasonia male germ line (P. Ferree)

Session 2 (Biology) – Keck-127
Moderator:  Dr. Irene Tang
2:00        Kahea Kanuha: Optimizing Community Survey Strategies on Santa Rosa Island (Thomson)                
2:15        Catherine Kim: Profiling of Salt-fractionated CrebA and CHD1 (Armstrong)
2:30        Karen Leung: A Chemical Genomic Approach to Studying the Pathways Involved in Response to Platinum-Based Anticancer Drugs (Tang)
2:45        Patrick Niedermeyer: Summer Research in Ecomorphology (Schmitz)
3:00        Sharon Kim: A wing genetic assay to identify proteins that interact with CHD1 (Armstrong)

3:15        BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator:  Dr. Marion Preest
3:30        Margaret Nurimba: Roles of SR protein kinase Dsk1 and LAMMER kinase Kic1 in mRNA processing in Schizosaccharomyces pombe (Tang)    
3:45        Claire Willey: Expression of Firefly Luciferase in Nicotiana benthamiana with Tobacco Mosaic Virus Vector, pTRBO (Grill)
4:00        Devyn Parks: Automated Camera Trapping of Mammals on the Firestone Reserve, Costa Rica (McFarlane)
4:15        Lauren Siems: Exploring interactions between CHD1 and nucleolar structure (Armstrong)

Session 3 (Chemistry) – Keck-137
Moderator:  Dr. Babak Sanii
2:00        Brianna Tran: Synthesis of Chiral Thiophosphoramides as Ligands for Gold-Catalyzed Hydroamination (Iafe/Wenzel) 
2:15        Alfredo Valencia: The Structural Basis for Evolution of New Function in DNA Taq Polymerase (Leconte/Sazinsky)
2:30        Maria Ceja Rodriguez: The Effects of Al3+ on DNA Backbone Structure and Dynamics (Hatcher-Skeers)
2:45        Priyanka Chary: Changes in Butanol-Water Interactions with Temperature (Fucaloro)
3:00        Emma Hadley: Limitations of Modified Substrate Recognition by DNA Taq Polymerase (Leconte)

3:15        BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator:  Dr. Aaron Leconte
3:30        Jose Cortez: Molecular gradients by colliding lipid bilayers: a platform to explore anomalous diffusion (Sanii)
3:45        Belen Cruz: Oxygen tension modulates growth of ovine newborn pulmonary vascular smooth muscle cells (Sanii)
4:00        Corinna Fukushima: From ID to 3D by Self-Assembly (Sanii)
4:15        Victoria Nguyen: The Design & Construction of a More Cost-Effective Microscope (Sanii)
4:30        Justine Oesterle: Las Vegas Buckwheat endemism (Robins)

Session 4A (Chemistry) – Keck-101
Moderator:  Dr. Bryan Thines
2:00        Haley Irving-Ruffing: No title submitted (S. Williams)
2:15        Sam Kahr: Π-Basic Ligand Synthesis (S. Williams)
2:30        Yutthana Lakliang: A volumetric study of aqueous 2-propanol (Fucaloro)
2:45        Andrea Gochi: The Role of Mutations I614 and E615 in Unnatural Substrate Recognition in Taq Polymerase (Leconte)
3:00        Kiley Lawrence: A Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Sequence Context Effects on CpG Methylation in DNA (Hatcher-Skeers)

3:15        BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Session 4B (Physics & Environmental Science) – Keck-101
Moderator:  Dr. Colin Robins
3:30        Ethan Bensinger: How Eye shape and Ecology of vertebrates relates to Optic and Optical Changes (Accomodation) (Landsberg/Schmitz)
3:45        Benjamin Baker: Chemical Makeup of Extra Solar Planets (Naftilan)
4:00        Liyana Li & Kara Odum: No summary submitted/Network Analysis of Brain Scans (Landsberg)
4:15        Ellen Smith: Coralline Algae: A proxy reconstruction of sea surface temperature in the Aleutian Archipelago (B. Williams)
4:30        Shiyu Zhang: Monte Carlo Simulation of Star Formation (Higdon)

Session 5 (Neuroscience/Off-Campus Advisor) – Burns Lecture Hall
Moderator:  Dr. Melissa Coleman
2:00        Samantha Bromley-Coolidge: Hippocampal boarders: Astrocyte morphology and EphA4 expression (Borowski)           
2:15        Daniella Dawson Rastelli: The Role of the Nervous System in Mouse Model of LCWE-induced Kawasaki Disease: Ganglionitis, ECG Abnormalities, and NGF (Borowski)
2:30        Arielle Dennis: Optimal Range for Total Cholesterol in Patients with a Risk of Intracerebral Hemorrhage (Borowski)
2:45        Hannah Dunham & Masako Huang: Balance and the brain: neural time delays in human balance control (Milton)
3:00        Karun Kiani: Motion tracking of levodopa-induced dyskinesias (Coleman)

3:15        BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor


Moderator:  Dr. Melissa Coleman
3:30        Crystal Lim & Luigi Mendoz-Ochoa: Assessing human balance control in an unpredictable environment (Milton)
3:45        Haley Patoski: The Role of Metallothionein 2 in Mediating Pain Following Injury (Borowski)
4:00        Irina Rabkina: The Virtual Brain: Simulating Neural Activity (Borowski)
4:15        Hannah Shoenhard: The Role of the Avalanche Nucleus (Av) in Maintenance of Learned Vocalizations in Taeniopygia Guttata (Coleman)