2014 Summer Research Symposium

Friday, September 5, 2014

Poster Session: 1:00-1:45pm – Keck Science, Ground Level Floor


Aaron Bagheri (PTZ) and Rachel Odessey (SCR):  Synthesis of a Platinum Ligand to Break a C-H Bond 

Sarah Barnes (SCR)Studying Seasonality in the Aleutian Archipelagoes Using the Climate Archive Red Coralline Algae (Clathromorphum nereostratum)

April Carlson (CMC):  Precocious Puberty Induced in Zebra Finch Males Causes Anatomical Differences in Song Development Pathway

Karen Chan (SCR):  Analyzing the Role of F-Box Gene At1g61340 by Quantifying Phenotypes Displayed in Arabidopsis Mutant Ox-8G

Sharon Chiang (CMC):  The importance of the E615G mutation to unnatural function in evolved Taq DNA polymerase

Jackson Dulla (PTZ):  Studying Alcohol Amines at UCR CE-CERT

Nedim Filipovic (CMC):  Characterization and comparison of mutant Taq DNA polymerase I

Dennis Gu (CMC):  Simulating the galactic sources

Iris Holzer (SCR):  Project Sandbox: Formation, Micromorphology, and Mineralogy of Aridisols in Laboratory Terraria

Steven Hung (CMC), Katherine Liu (SCR), and Michael Swift (CMC)Three-way lipid bilayer collision:  a platform to investigate formation of lipid domains

Nimrah Imam (SCR):  Taxonomic Classification of Octocoral Species Using mutS and COI Barcode Marker Genes

Matthew Mulligan (CMC)Folding of Meso-Strings with Patterns of Hydrophobicity

Alexie Ogonowsky (SCR):  Comparison of Rates of Various 2’ Modified Nucleotides

Michelle Ozaki (SCR):  Do phenol derivatives induce apoptosis?

Shravya Raju (SCR):  Genetic pathways involved in response to the phenol-based compounds bisphenol-A (BPA), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Tianna Sheih (SCR) and Travis Tu (CMC):  Attachment of Large Lumpy Skin Disease Epitope to Tobacco Mosaic Virus Coat Protein Ferre/Marquet Vaccine Research Institute

Anthony Sidhom (CMC):  Synthesis, Extraction, and Analysis of Crystallized Barium Sulfate

Aishwarya Subramanian (SCR):  Measuring the Effect of Lesioning the Auditory Nuclei Avalanche and NIf on Zebra Finch Vocalizations   

Meril Tomy (SCR):  Genomic Analysis of Cellular Sensitivity Pathways for Carboplatin and Oxaliplatin in Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces Pombe

Peter Zang (CMC):  The Effect And Interactions Between Kic1, Dsk1 and Swi6 in Heterochromatin Formation

Alejandro Zuniga (CMC):  Drosophila:  Overexpression of Protein Homeostasis Transgenes to Increase Longevity

Power Point Presentations: 2:00-4:45pm

Session 1 (Biology / EA) – Keck 101

Moderator:   Dr. Elise Ferree

2:00               Jessica Ng (SCR):  Developing a Forward Climate Model of Encrusting Alga Clathromorphum sp.

2:15               Jennifer Fields (PTZ):  The effect of temperature acclimation on the feeding rates of CA and WA populations of Balanus glandula

2:30               Jenna Florio (PTZ) and Stephen Johnson:  Effect of ontogenetic stage on facultative aggregation in a Neotropical spider
2:45               Elizabeth Ginelli (CMC):  Differential Expression of IL-7 and TSLP Receptor             Components in Pediatric Leukemia
3:00               Anthony Li (PTZ):  Mapping Dendrobates granuliferus Territory Size with Spatial Analyst Tools

3:15   BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator:   Dr. Sarah Gilman

3:30               Emily Kan (CMC):  Caenorhabditis elegans canlearn to avoid pathogenic bacteria found in its natural environment  

3:45               Josephine Moberg (PTZ):  Associations between population size and habitat characteristics for a sand dune specialist, the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard

4:00               Sarah Osborne (SCR):  Effect of the Acute Stress Response on Foraging Behavior in Mountain White-crowned Sparrows

4:15               Carlissa Salant (PTZ):  Feeding Behaviors of Predatory Snails of Southern California

4:30               Charlotte Rosenfield (SCR):  Exploration of rehabilitation discharge outcome risk factors in geriatric lower extremity fracture patients
Session 2 (Molecular Biology) – Keck 125

Moderator:  Dr. Aaron Leconte

2:00               Deanna Liou (SCR):  Studying the Function of Histone Deacetylases in Tetrahymena Cells

2:15               Phuongngan Bui (SCR):  Investigations of the role of CHD1 on Position Effect Variegation (PEV) and chromatin structure of Drosophila melanogaster

2:30               Catherine Kim (SCR):  Investigating the Role of CHD1 on newly deposited histones
in Drosophila melanogaster

2:45               Emily Muller (SCR):  Developing a Powerful Gene Editing Method in the Jewel Wasp  

3:00               Kaitlyn Spees (SCR):   

3:15   BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator:   Dr. Suzanne Kern

3:30               Aditi Chandra (PTZ):  Creation of Non-Attenuated Vaccines for Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia using the TMV plant-based system

3:45               Isabel English (SCR):  Predicting clinical response to FGFR inhibition from ligandexpression in head & neck squamous cell carcinoma

4:00               Susie Lee (CMC):  Effect of CHD1 on chromatin structure of Drosophila melanogaster by using Position Effect Variegation

4:15               Kyle Tanguay (CMC):  Meta-Analysis of Stress-Response F-box Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

4:30               Rebecca Dutta (SCR):  Effects of an Anxiogenic Drug (FG-7142) on a Novel Protocol Testing Reward Seeking and Punishment Avoidance in Rats

Session 3 (Molecular Biology /  Biology) – Keck 39 (Basement)

Moderator:  Dr. Emily Wiley  

2:00               Robyn Sherman (SCR):  Regulation of Histone H3 Proteolysis in Tetrahymena thermophila by Acetylation

2:15               Nikhila Janakiram (SCR):  Monitoring the influence of CHD1 on histone dynamics             in Drosophila melanogaster

2:30   Katherine Schatz (PTZ):  The effect of long-term acclimation on the respiration
rates of two populations of Balanus glandula

2:45               Xueyuan Jing (SCR):  Investigating haplodiploid reproduction through microscopic analysis of spermatogenesis in the jewel wasp Nasonia vitripennis

3:00               Alexander Jolly (PTZ):  Investigation of F-box Gene At1g61340 in Arabidopsis thaliana

3:15   BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

 Moderator:   Dr. Colin Robins

3:30               Charlotte Startin (SCR):  Spatial Ecology of Attine ants

3:45               Devyn Parks (SCR):  Using Primnoa pacifica to measure oceanic carbon and nitrogen trends over time

4:00               Laura Wessbecher (SCR):  Lower Leg Morphology in Barefoot and Shod Runners

4:15               Leah Pomerantz (PTZ):  Frequency of Psittacosis Shedding in Birds of Prey at a Southern California Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Session 4 (Chemistry) – Keck 137

Moderator:   Dr. Babak Sanii

2:00               Yoni Rubin (PTZ):  Folding Meso-Strings with Patterns of Hydrophobicity  

2:15               Rachael Hamilton (SCR):  Gold (I) Catalyzed SN1 Etherification of Alcohols

2:30               Constanza Jackson (SCR):  Synthesis of 2’ modified primers to characterize extension events by mutant Taq DNA polymerases

2:45               Ramon Jauregui (PTZ):  Reactions of Alcohol Amines with Atmospheric Oxidants (NOx, H2O2 and O3) Analyzed with a Particle-into-Liquid Sampler Coupled to Dual Ion Chromatographs

3:00   Tricia Light (SCR) and Liya Rabkina (SCR):  Analysis of δ15N in Porites Coral

3:15   BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator:   Dr. Babak Sanii

3:30               Mackenzie Marrs (CMC):  Enantio- and Diastereopure Betti Bases in Catalysis

3:45               Allison Hu (CMC):  Gold (I) Catalyzed Amination of Alcohols

4:00               John Rizzo (CMC):  Introduction of Imaging Ellipsometry into Our Multi-functional Microscope

4:15               Taia Wu (SCR):  Comparing bulk aerosol profiles in the mixed layer in coastal Los Angeles and the Inland Empire

4:30  Hayley Schultz (CMC):  Characterization of Taq DNA polymerase I mutations that enable modified nucleotide incorporation

Session 5 (Neuroscience / Physics) – Keck 127

Moderator:   Dr. Melissa Coleman

2:00   Samantha Decker (SCR):  Ubiquitin recycling, exocytosis and short-term plasticity   

2:15               Stephanie Haft (CMC):  Executive Functions, Fine Motor Skills, and Challenge Preference: Implications for Middle Childhood Academic Achievement

2:30   Iris Lieuw (SCR):  Time-frequency analysis of neural oscillations in multi-attribute decision-making

2:45               Sidra Speaker (PTZ):  The effect of metformin and varenicline on reward

3:00               Mari Purpura (PTZ):  The Role of ER alpha Neurons in Aggression and Pup Retrieval

3:15   BREAK (Refreshments) – Lobby, 1st Floor

Moderator:   Dr. Sarah Nichols

3:30               Marc Blumberg (CMC):  Analysis of Elements Present in White Dwarf Ross 640

3:45               Victoria Kim (SCR):  Fabrication of Plasmonic Nanostructures using Electron Beam Lithography

4:00  Andrew Jevsevar (PTZ), Eliana Keinan (CMC), Karl Kiser (PTZ), Abinaya Thenappan (CMC), Vincent Zhang (CMC):  Weighted Undirected Brain Networks