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1. Tang, X., Price, D., Praske, E., Vu, D., Purvis-Roberts, K.L., Silva, P., Cocker III, D.R., and Asa-Awuku, A.. Submitted September 2013. CNN Activity of Aliphatic Amine Secondary Aerosol. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics : .
2. Middlecamp, C.H., Mury, M., Anderson, K.L., Bentley, A.K., Cann, M.C., Ellis, J.P. and Purvis-Roberts, K.L. . January 2014. Chemistry in Context: Applying Chemistry to Society, 8th Edition. : .
3. de Jong TR, Harris BN , Perea-Rodriguez JP, Saltzman W. in press. Physiological and neuroendocrine responses to chronic variable stress in male California mice (Peromyscus californicus):influence of social environment and paternal state. Psychoneuroendocrinology : . Abstract
4. Werner, C. and Purvis-Roberts, K.L.. Accepted June 2012. Cold War Memories and Post-Cold War Realities: Narratives of the State in the Everyday Life of Kazakhstan's Radiation Victims. in Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia : .
5. Coleman, M.J., Day, N.F., Rivera-Parra, D.P., and E.S. Fortune. 2021. Neurophysiological coordination of duet singing.. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 118: e2018188118. Abstract Article
6. Aditi Vyas, Anna V. Freitas, Zachary A. Ralston, and Zhaohua Tang. 2021. A Unicellular “Micromammal” Model Organism. Current Protocols 1, Issue 6/e151: . Abstract Article
7. Mei Wu, Gang Feng, Buyu Zhang, Kaikun Xu, Zhen Wang, Sen Cheng, Cheng Chang, Aditi Vyas, Zhaohua Tang, and Xiaoyun Liu. 2020. Phosphoproteomics Reveals Novel Targets and Phosphoprotein Networks in Cell Cycle Mediated by Dsk1 Kinase. Journal of Proteome Research 19(4): 1776-1787. Abstract Article
8. . 2020. Transitioning Out of the Coronavirus Lockdown: A Framework for Evaluating Zone-Based Social Distancing, . Frontiers in Public Health, : (with Eric Friedman, John Friedman, Simon Johnson). Abstract
9. A. S. Thompson, S. E. Barrett, A. G. Weiden, A. Venkatesh, M. K. C. Seto, S. Z. P. Gottlieb, and A. M. Leconte. 2020. Accurate and efficient one-pot reverse transcription and amplification of 2’ fluoro-modified nucleic acids by commercial DNA polymerases. Biochemistry : . Abstract Article
10. . 2020. Modeling Cultural Dissemination and Divergence Between Rural and Urban Regions. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (with Nicholas LaBerge, Aria Chaderjian, Victor Ginellie, Margrethe Jebsen) : .

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