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"By the time I graduate, I will have published two papers."

I chose Claremont McKenna because I wanted a small college where I could get to know my professors and have them know me. I was also attracted to the JSD concept because it meant that as an undergraduate Iā€™d be able to do hands-on research. I appreciate the opportunity to be advised by accomplished faculty, to design my own experiments, and to have such strong facilities in which to work.

By the time I graduate, I will have published two papers: one in organic chemistry ā€“ my first love ā€“ and one in physical science. While my thesis is in neuroscience, I did a summer research project in chemistry in which I compared various methods for promoting the oxidative coupling of phenols, which is key to developing ligands in metallic chemistry. I was able to test a brand new method that involves microwave irradiation. My research showed that this new method was superior, yielding better product more efficiently and in less time.



Sharday Grant '11
School: Claremont McKenna
Major: Neuroscience


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Sharday Grant '11

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