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"My science studies are built on a solid liberal arts foundation."

One reason I chose Scripps is because JSD offers more resources than the science departments of similarly sized schools. I also appreciate the multidisciplinary focus because I’m very interested in working on ecology issues. Here, I can combine environmental chemistry and biology courses with history and sociology, which all feed into the search for solutions to environmental problems. Scripps and JSD work well together so that my science studies are built on a solid liberal arts foundation.

JSD professors know your interests, so they’re very helpful in terms of giving you job ideas, applying for internships, and writing recommendations. I’m 90% sure I’ll go to graduate school, but I also want to use my skills and knowledge right away to do some conservation work. Thanks to the broad education I’m getting at Scripps and JSD, I feel like I have a lot of good options.



Rachel King '12
School: Scripps
Major: Biology


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Rachel King '12

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