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"I like Keck Science because of its contemporary approach to teaching the sciences."

I like Keck science because of it's contemporary approach to teaching the sciences. My freshman year I took a class you had to be invited to take - AISS (accelerated integrated science sequence). This was a year long class that covered intro to bio, chem, and physics. It really opened my eyes to interdisciplinary work. My research experience reflects this interdisciplinary approach and includes astrochemistry and biophysics. In the current day and age most research does not touch on just one discipline but a combination of them and Keck science does a good job of preparing its students for this.



Jon Steck '13
School: CMC
Major: Physics


Philip Geurin '11

Sharday Grant '11

Rachel King '12

Dr. Greg Moneta '76

Helen Kim '12

Jon Steck '13

Gabe Rocklin '07

Nicole Duggan '10

Dr. Susan Celniker '75

Dean David E. Hansen