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"Through the guidance and support of my mentors at Keck, I not only learned the technical skills and knowledge needed for a career in medicine, I also cultivated a passion for scientific discovery."

Career Interests:

I never considered I could be successful as a scientist until I came to the Claremont Colleges. Through the guidance and support of my mentors at Keck, I not only learned the technical skills and knowledge I needed for a career in medicine, but they also helped me cultivate my passion for scientific discovery. I intend to use the tools and abilities I developed through my undergraduate studies to pursue a career of investigating mental illness using basic science and translational research techniques.

Current position:

HHMI Summer Medical Fellow (University of Washington School of Medicine MS-1)

Current Research:

One of the greatest breakthroughs in 20th century psychiatry was the discovery that anti-psychotics, the drugs effective at alleviating the hallucinations of Schizophrenia, block particular dopamine receptors in the central nervous system. Despite the advent of this finding more than 60 years ago, a paradox regarding Schizophrenic pathology remains: No direct connection has been identified between the brain region targeted by anti-psychotics and the area of the brain which is most severely implicated in the disease. Furthermore, the intervening anatomical regions do not appear to be significantly altered in the disease. How then do anti-psychotics exert their effects? My work focuses on uncovering the functional neuroanatomy behind Schizophrenia. This research could serve to improve pharmacological, diagnostic and prevention strategies, and could contribute to our understanding of mental illness neurobiology overall.



Nicole Duggan '10
School: Scripps
Major: molecular biology, with psychology minor


Philip Geurin '11

Sharday Grant '11

Rachel King '12

Dr. Greg Moneta '76

Helen Kim '12

Jon Steck '13

Gabe Rocklin '07

Nicole Duggan '10

Dr. Susan Celniker '75

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