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Selected Publications in Biology

Current Number of publications listed in Biology: 622

1. de Jong TR, Harris BN , Perea-Rodriguez JP, Saltzman W. in press. Physiological and neuroendocrine responses to chronic variable stress in male California mice (Peromyscus californicus):influence of social environment and paternal state. Psychoneuroendocrinology : . Abstract
2. 20 student authors (Alhoch et al.), 6 faculty authors ( K. Purvis-Roberts, C. Selassie, G. Edwalds-Gilbert, M. C. Negritto, R. Wang and Z. Tang) . 2019. Comparative Genomic Screen in Two Yeasts Reveals Conserved Pathways in the Response Network to Phenol Stress. G3 Genes Genomes Genetics 9: 639-650. Abstract Article
3. Louise S Mead, Cory Kohn, Alexa Warwick, Kathryn Schwartz. 2019. Applying measurement standards to evolution education assessment instruments. Evolution: Education and Outreach 12: 5. Abstract Article
4. Thomson, D.M.. 2019. Effects of long-term variation in pollinator abundance and diversity on reproduction of a generalist plant. Journal of Ecology 107: 491-502.
5. Cory Kohn, Michael J Wiser, Robert T Pennock, James J Smith, Louise S Mead. 2018. A digital technology-based introductory biology course designed for engineering and other non-life sciences STEM majors. Computer Applications in Engineering Education 26: 1227-1238. Abstract Article
6. CT Lambert, LK Hall, RT Larsen, RN Knight, BR McMillan. 2018. Temporal partitioning and the effects of climate change on 2 ecologically similar desert bats. Journal of Mammalogy 99: 1486-1494. Abstract
7. Hall, LK, Larsen, RT, Knight, RN, McMillan, BR. 2018. Feral horses influence both spatial and temporal patterns of water use by native ungulates in a semi-arid environment. Ecosphere 9: e02096. Abstract
8. J. G. Milton, T. Insperger, W. Cook, D. M. Harris and G. Stepan . 2018. Microchaos in human postural balance: Sensory deadzones and sampled time-delayed feedback. Physical Review E 98: 022223. Abstract Article
9. Nix, JN, RG Howell, LK Hall, and BR McMillan. 2018. The influence of periodic increases of human activity on crepuscular and nocturnal mammals: testing the weekend effect. Behavioural Processes 146: 16-21. Abstract
10. Thomson, D.M., Jonas M. Kwok and Emily L. Schultz. 2018. Extreme drought alters growth and interactions with exotic grasses, but not survival, for a California annual forb. Plant Ecology 219: 705-717.
11. Chen A, Singh C, Oikonomou G, Prober DA. 2017. Genetic Analysis of Histamine Signaling in Larval Zebrafish Sleep. eNeuro 4(1): pii: ENEURO.0286-16.2017. Abstract Article
12. G. Stepan, J. Milton and T. Insperger. 2017. Quanization improves stabilization of dynamical systems with delayed feedback. Chaos 27: 114306. Abstract
13. J. A. Nessler, S. Heredia, J. Belair and J. Milton. 2017. Walking on a vertically oscillating treadmill: Phase synchronization and gait kinematics. PLoS ONE 12: e0169924. Abstract
14. J. Milton, J. Wu, S. A. Campbell and J. Belair. 2017. Outgrowing neurological diseases: Microcircuits, conduction delay and dynamic diseases. Computational Neurology - Computational Psychiatry: Why and how : 11-47. Abstract
15. MACIVER, M.A.*, SCHMITZ, L.*, UGURCAN, M., MURPHY, T.D., & C. D. MOBLEY. 2017. Massive increase in visual range preceded the origin of terrestrial vertebrates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114: E2375-2384.
16. Stanhope, E., L. Ziegler, T. Haque, L. Le, M. Vinces, G. K. Davis, A. Zieffler, P. Brodfuehrer, M. Preest, J. Belisky, C. Umbanhowar, Jr., P. J. Overvoorde. 2017. Development of a Biological Science Quantitative Reasoning Exam (BioSQuaRE). CBE Life Sciences 16, DOI:10.1187/cbe.16-10-0301 : .
17. T. Insperger and J. Milton. 2017. Stick balancing with feedback delay, sensory dead zone and jerk limitation. Procedia IUTAM 22: 59-66. Abstract
18. Thomson, D.M., Rachel A. King and Emily L. Schultz. 2017. Between invaders and a risky place: exotic grasses alter demographic tradeoffs of native forb germination timing. Ecosphere 8: e01987.
19. AC Case**, FR Finseth**, CM Barr, L Fishman. 2016. Selfish evolution of cytonuclear incompatibility in Mimulus. Proceedings of the Royal Society B : . Article
20. Chen A*, Chiu CN*, Mosser EA, Kahn S†, Spence R, Prober DA. 2016. QRFP and Its Receptors Regulate Locomotor Activity and Sleep in Zebrafish. J Neurosci 36(6): 1823-1840. Abstract Article
21. D. Hajdu, J. Milton and T. Insperger. 2016. Extension of stability radius to neuromechanical systems with structured real perturbations. IEEE Trans. Neural Sys. Rehab. Eng. : . Abstract Article
22. Day, CC, MD Westover, LK Hall, RT Larsen, BR McMillan. 2016. Comparing direct and indirect methods to estimate detection rates and site use of a cryptic semi-aquatic carnivore. Ecological Indicators 230-234: . Abstract
23. Freyberg Z, Sonders MS, Aguilar JI, Hiranita T, Karam CS, Flores J, Pizzo AB, Zhang Y, Farino ZJ, Chen A, Martin CA, Kopajtic TA, Fei H, Hu G, Lin Y-Y, Mosharov EV, McCabe BD, Freyberg R, Wimalasena K, Hsin L-W, Sames D, Krantz DE, Katz JL, Sulzer D, Javitch JA. 2016. Mechanisms of amphetamine action illuminated through optical monitoring of dopamine synaptic vesicles in Drosophila brain. Nature Communications 7: 10652. Abstract Article
24. Hall, LK, CT Lambert, RT Larsen, RN Knight, and BR McMillan. 2016. Will climate change leave some desert bat species thirstier than others?. Biological Conservation 201: 284-292. Abstract
25. Hall, LK, MD Westover, CC Day, RT Larsen, RN Knight, and BR McMillan. 2016. Influence of exotic horses on the use of water by communities of native wildlife in a semi-arid environment. Journal of Arid Environments 127: 100-105. Abstract
26. J. Milton, R. Meyer, M. Zhvanetsky, S. Ridge and T. Insperger. 2016. Control at stability's edge minimizes energetic costs: expert stick balancing. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 13: 20160212. Abstract Article
27. Jay KA, Smith DL, Blackburn EH. 2016. Early Loss of Telomerase Action in Yeast Creates a Dependence on the DNA Damage Response Adaptor Proteins. Mol Cell Biol : . Abstract Article
28. M Hendrick**, FR Finseth**, M Matthiassen*, K Palmer*, E Broder*, L Fishman. 2016. Top-down and bottom-up approaches combine to identify a major gene underlying monkeyflower adaptation to an extreme habita. Molecular Ecology : . Article
29. Martin CA, Myers KM, Chen A, Martin NT, Barajas A†, Schweizer FE, Krantz DE. 2016. Ziram, a pesticide associated with increased risk for Parkinson’s disease, differentially affects the presynaptic function of aminergic and glutamatergic nerve terminals at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction. Exp Neurol 275, Part 1: 232-241. Abstract Article
30. Preest, M.R., M.J. Ward, T. Poon, and J.W. Hermanson. 2016. Chemical prey luring in Jackson’s chameleons. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 89(2): 110-117.
31. Thomson, D.M., Roxanne Cruz-de Hoyos, Keala Cummings, and Emily L. Schultz. 2016. Why are native annual abundances low in invaded grasslands? Testing the effects of competition and seed limitation. Plant Ecology 217: 431-442.
32. Thomson. D.M.. 2016. Local Bombus decline linked to recovery of honey bees, drought effects on floral resources. Ecology Letters : 1247-1255.
33. Wiley, E.A. and Chalker, D. 2016. A community model for course-based student research that advances faculty scholarship. CUR Quarterly 37(2): . Article
34. Yale, K., Neuman, M., Bulley, E., Tackett, A., Chait, B.T., Wiley, E.A. 2016. Phosphorylation-dependent targeting of Tetrahymena HP1 to condensed chromatin. mSphere 4 4: . Article
35. Zhaohua Tang and Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert. 2016. Nucleic Acid and Protein Sample Preparation from Yeasts (Chapter 20). Peer-reviewed Book, Sample Preparation Techniques for Soil, Plant, and Animal Samples, Springer Protocols Handbooks DOI 10.1007/978-1-4939-3185-9_20 © Springer: .
36. FR Finseth, Y Dong, AS Saunders, L Fishman. 2015. Duplication and adaptive evolution of a key kinetochore protein in Mimulus, a genus with female meiotic drive. Molecular Biology and Evolution 32: 2694-2706. Article
37. Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert. 2015. Location is Everything: an Educational Primer for Use with “Genetic analysis of the ribosome biogenesis factor Ltv1 of S. cerevisiae.”. Genetics 199: .
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41. J. Milton, T. Insperger and G. Stepan. 2015. Human balance control: Dead zones, intermittency and micro-chaos. Mathematical approaches to biological systems: Networks, oscillations and collective phenomena : 1-28. Abstract Article
42. Kim S, Bugga L, Hong ES, Zabinsky R, Edwards RG, Deodhar PA, Armstrong JA. 2015. An RNAi-Based Candidate Screen for Modifiers of the CHD1 Chromatin Remodeler and Assembly Factor in Drosophila melanogaster. G3 6: 245-54. Abstract Article
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47. *Shi, J.J., L.M. Chan, A. Peel, *R. Lai, A.D. Yoder, and S.M. Goodman. 2014. A deep divergence time between sister species of Eidolon (Pteropodidae) with evidence for widespread panmixia. Acta Chiropterologica In press: .
48. ANGIELCZYK, K. D. & L. SCHMITZ* . 2014. ). Nocturnality in synapsids predates the origin of mammals by over 100 million years. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 281: 20141642.
49. FR Finseth, ER Bondra*, RG Harrison . 2014. Selective constraint dominates the evolution of a novel reproductive gland. Molecular Biology and Evolution 12: 3266-3281. Article
50. FR Finseth, RG Harrison . 2014. A comparison of next-generation sequencing technologies for transcriptome assembly and utility for RNA-Seq in a non-model bird. PLoS ONE 9: e108550. Article

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