Lars Schmitz
Assistant Professor of Biology
Office: Keck Science Center 117
Phone: 909-607-7409
Office Hours:
Web Site:
Educational Background:
Postdoc: University of California Davis, Wainwright Lab
PhD: University of California Davis, 2008 (supervisor: Ryosuke Motani)
MSc: University of Bonn, 2003 (supervisor: Martin Sander)
BSc: University of Bonn, 2000
Courses Taught:
BIOL 44L Introductory Biology
BIOL 120 Research Methods in Organismal Biology
BIOL 141L Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 167 Sensory Evolution
Research Interests:
Functional and evolutionary vertebrate morphology; paleobiology; evolution of vertebrate vision, phylogenetic comparative methods
Thesis Topics:
For a more detailed description of my research program please refer to
1) Analysis of morphological evolution. Students are measuring morphological traits in museum collections (e.g., LA County Museum of Natural History) and analyze the data from a functional and phylogenetic perspective.
2) Retina physiology and visualization. After the arrival of our new confocal laser scanning microscope we can analyze retina fine structure with traditional histology, stereology, and immunohistochemistry. In addition to lab work, students are involved in developing new visualization techniques of spatial distributions of cells across the retina.
3) Behavioral tests of visual performance. In order to groundtruth optical models we are carrying out experiments to determine the actual abilities of our study organisms.
All projects have a strong computational component.
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