Arlie Rinaldi
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Office: Center Court E7
Phone: 909-607-8310
Office Hours: MW 1-2:30 TuTh 9:30-11
Web Site:
Educational Background:
B.S., Canisius College
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Courses Taught:
Chem 14-15L
Chem 29L (lab only)
Chem 70L
Chem 177
Selected Publications List: Click to open new window.
1.   Rinaldi, A. J., Lund, P. E., Blanco, M. R., & Walter, N. G. . (2016). The Shine-Dalgarno sequence of riboswitch-regulated single mRNAs shows ligand-dependent accessibility bursts.. Nature Communications   7: 8976. Abstract Article
2.   Rinaldi AJ, Suddala KC, Walter NG . (2015). Native purification and labeling of RNA for single molecule fluorescence studies. Methods Mol Biol   1240: 63-95. Abstract Article
3.   Suddala KC, Rinaldi AJ, Feng J, Mustoe AM, Eichhorn CD, Liberman JA, Wedekind JE, Al-Hashimi HM, Brooks CL 3rd, Walter NG . (2013). Single transcriptional and translational preQ1 riboswitches adopt similar pre-folded ensembles that follow distinct folding pathways into the same ligand-bound structure. Nucleic Acids Research   41: 10462-10475. Abstract Article