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1.   Chen A, Singh C, Oikonomou G, Prober DA . (2017). Genetic Analysis of Histamine Signaling in Larval Zebrafish Sleep. eNeuro   4(1): pii: ENEURO.0286-16.2017. Abstract Article

2.   Martin CA, Myers KM, Chen A, Martin NT, Barajas A†, Schweizer FE, Krantz DE . (2016). Ziram, a pesticide associated with increased risk for Parkinson’s disease, differentially affects the presynaptic function of aminergic and glutamatergic nerve terminals at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction. Exp Neurol   275, Part 1: 232-241. Abstract Article

3.   Chen A*, Chiu CN*, Mosser EA, Kahn S†, Spence R, Prober DA . (2016). QRFP and Its Receptors Regulate Locomotor Activity and Sleep in Zebrafish. J Neurosci   36(6): 1823-1840. Abstract Article

4.   Freyberg Z, Sonders MS, Aguilar JI, Hiranita T, Karam CS, Flores J, Pizzo AB, Zhang Y, Farino ZJ, Chen A, Martin CA, Kopajtic TA, Fei H, Hu G, Lin Y-Y, Mosharov EV, McCabe BD, Freyberg R, Wimalasena K, Hsin L-W, Sames D, Krantz DE, Katz JL, Sulzer D, Javitch JA . (2016). Mechanisms of amphetamine action illuminated through optical monitoring of dopamine synaptic vesicles in Drosophila brain. Nature Communications   7: 10652. Abstract Article

5.   Grygoruk A, Chen A, Martin CA, Lawal HO, Fe H, Gutierrez G†, Biedermann T†, Najibi R†, Hadi R†, Chouhan AK, Murphy NP, Schweizer FE, Macleod GT, Maidment NT, Krantz DE . (2014). The Redistribution of Drosophila Vesicular Monoamine Transporter Mutants from Synaptic Vesicles to Large Dense-Core Vesicles Impairs Amine-Dependent Behaviors. J Neurosci   34(20): 6924-6937. Abstract Article

6.   Chen A, Ng F, Lebestky T, Grygoruk A, Djapri C, Lawal HO, Zaveri HA†, Mehanzel F†, Najibi R†, Seidman G†, Murphy NP, Kelly RL, Ackerson LC, Maidment NT, Jackson FR, Krantz DE . (2013). Dispensable, redundant, complementary and cooperative roles for dopamine, octopamine and serotonin in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics   193(1): 159-76. Abstract Article

7.   Grygoruk A, Fei H, Daniels RW, Miller BR, Chen A, DiAntonnio A, Krantz DE . (2010). Vesicular neurotransmitter transporter trafficking in vivo: moving from cells to flies. Fly   4(4): 302-305. Abstract Article

8.   Fei H, Chow DM, Chen A, Romero-Calderon R, Ong WS, Ackerson LC, Maidment NT, Simpson JH, Frye MA, Krantz DE . (2010). Mutation of the Drosophila vesicular GABA transporter disrupts visual figure detection. J Exp Biol   213: 1717-1730. Abstract Article

9.   Fei H, Grygoruk A, Brooks ES, Chen A, Krantz DE . (2008). Trafficking of Vesicular Neurotransmitter Transporters. Traffic   9: 1425-1436. Abstract Article

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