Poster Submission
Poster printing services are available to all Claremont students/faculty/staff throughout the year. If you're not a Keck Science affiliated faculty/staff/student, the fee is now $50. A samples page has been put up with plenty of sample posters. I made a downloadable template with the correct dimensions set up in powerpoint as a mockup of a poster. You can download it and use it as a guide. Right click on the link, and click save, on a mac, ctrl-click.

You need to Register to create your account. click here to check the status of your registration. (non-thesis only.)

For Keck Science SENIOR THESIS, READ the problems section then USE THESIS SITE to submit files.

Username: (Your Complete email address),
If you forgot what you put in check the status page.
Password: (Your ClaremontID, no hyphen, include all digits)
If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it.
Before you start, please read the following rules, and make sure you follow them.
  • Registration:
  • In order for me to contact you after the printing is done, you must register yourself into the database.
    You will need your Claremont ID Card, and an active email address.Click here to register.
    Check the status page if you've already registered. (not for Keck Science thesis, see line in red above)
  • Mistakes:
  • If you discover a mistake after upload, upload your new file and your old one will be overwritten.
    It will only be reprinted if i have not already printed out your old file.
    Otherwise, you will be charged for the reprint. Also, i will only do it if there's enough time.
  • Fees:
  • *$25 per poster, cash is preferred, checks should be made to Keck Science Department. (*$50 if Not KS)
    Please pick up the poster and pay at the Keck Science office, room 110.
    NOTE: payment goes toward Keck Science supplies funding.
  • Problems:
  • If your poster has already been printed, and you discover a mistake which you wish to correct,
    I will only do so if there is time, but you will be charged for another poster. If your poster does not print,
    or has a printing problem due to printer faults, you will not be charged for a re-print.

    List of typical problems and ways to avoid them:

    1. If you have a color fill for your text box, NO TRANSPARENT FILLS, instead, use a lighter color.
    2. SPSS graphs, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. In SPSS Viewer, go to File, Export and export as JPEG.
    3. NO TIFF's inserted into powerpoint. (Logos are typically okay.)Convert to JPEG or GIF first!
    4. Power Point Background Textures, this one varies depending on which textures you use, try using a similarly colored solid background, or gradient filled background instead. See * below.
    5. Do NOT use: ArialUnicode-MS, or any other Arial variant. (Arial is okay)
    6. If you use special symbols or greek alphabets, they will convert to different font types, after you type it check agaist rule #5 by highlighting only that symbol/character and looking at the font drop box. When you use insert symbol, the dialog box will have a place to pick the font, make sure you don't pick ArialUnicode-MS.
    7. If you're using a mac, do not copy and paste directly into the power point from the browser/ or previewer.
    8. Photoshop PSD's. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE into your poster. Export as Jpegs then insert jpegs.
    9. Do NOT use "Late Sunset" with a horizontal fill effect for your TITLE text box. (small ones are okay.)
    10. Do NOT use "dotted lines" for borders of text boxes, use solid lines instead.
    11. Most Blue's darker than Cyan will show up as purple when printed. (don't use as backgrounds, see below)
    12. Aqua Greens have been coming out blue. (see color matching link below)
    13. NO 3D effects on pictures, most don't show up in print & it makes printing take about 5 times as long!
    FMI, read through the following page. * problematic powerpoint design templates Logos Color matching
    More questions? Email IT Support